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Ten Foot Pole-Vision-Digger @ Asbury Park NJ 6-29-99

My big memory of this show is Vision being really pissed at the venue for trying to cut their set short. Dave was pretty hot about it. This was a weird show too because a lot of the crowd didn’t really know Vision that well. I swear Full Speed Ahead opened this show maybe? I left after Vision and went to dinner with someone I’d taken a class with that spring. Ten Foot Pole has that band the guy from Scared Straight was in, but I am pretty sure he was out of the band by this time because he…
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Alive & Well 8-30-98

Mercifully, this show got moved to Casino Skate Park. The openers were Full Speed Ahead, OS101, and Kid Dynamite, who were still fairly new and I had not yet heard before this show. I was not impressed. The bottomline is every band got their normal excellent reactions, but especially Vision and Floorpunch. Burn were really good. There were a couple of scuffles during their set because people were going off hard. I remember being told to avoid someone because “you don’t want to fuck with him.” Whatever.

Ensign-Vision-The Fire Still Burns-Triple Threat-Charge-Test Of Courage-Ash Monday @ Manahawkin NJ 3-20-05

One of our friends put this show on. Vision had never played Manahawkin before, but Neurotic Impulse did in 1987. Ash Monday and Test of Courage were local bands. If I recall correctly, ToC covered an Underdog song? I don’t think Charge played this show. Triple Threat were good. I liked their 7″, which tried to blend speedy youth crew hardcore with something like Bl’ast! or Pressure Release. Generally it is pretty good. The Fire Sill Burns had members of Ensign and some others. Oh and Ensign played too. We packed it up front for Vision. Some of my students…
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Vision-Floorpunch-In My Eyes-Fastbreak-Reach The Sky-OS 101-Cryptic Cookies For Jesus @ New Providence NJ 3-8-98

This show was done by Maggie Rosario. I did a flyer for it with a Sailor Moon background that I only have a cruddy scan for at the moment. My only copy got wrecked when I pulled it off my wall to scan, so I had to take it out of a fanzine. I also helped get Reach The Sky onto this show sometime during that week. Back in the 90s we got so much done via ICQ and AOL Instant Messenger before texting, Skype, etc. CC4J were a band that got back together to play some shows around this…
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Matt Leveton Benefit 1999

The first ever benefit for Matt Leveton was in January 1999. Matt used to book shows at Manville and got seriously hurt in a car crash. These shows were a really big deal at the time and a nice showing of what can happen when the hardcore scene comes together for something good. The first day was highlighted by a reunion show for Strength 691. I remember seeing a lot of people who I had not seen in a few years, which is an odd feeling when you are 19, and hung around catching up with a lot of people.…
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Cro Mags-Vision-Most Precious Blood @ Sayerville NJ 4-28-02

I got to this show really late, but cannot remember why. When I got there, Vision’s set was almost done so I packed it in up front for the Cro-Mags. As you can see in the video, people were going off hard at this show. A lot of young and old dancing and diving. The Cro-Mags were on fire too and sounded so tight. This was the height of us going to see them every single time they played a gig. Love seeing Zusi, Swank, Brett Hardware, Joe Oz, etc packed in up front. It was so sick how they…
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Vision-Insted-Kill Your Idols @ New York City NY 6-27-04

I was never a huge Insted fan, but we still headed up to CBGB to see Vision and Kill Your Idols. Vision were really good at this show. They came out firing hard and played a great set. As you can see in the video I sat down on the stage for Insted’s set, but was then pretty surprised by how good they were. I don’t like any of their records really besides What We Believe, but they were good and I got into it after awhile. I still have an Insted sticker from this show on the desk in…
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Vision @ Pomona NJ December 12-13-02

So I could go to class all day and then see Vision at night? Awesome! On Fridays that semester, I only had one class (a seminar on Homer), so after it finished (2pm?) I left campus for a bit, probably to the Barnes and Noble down the road by the mall, and then came back to campus to have dinner with a friend and then head to the gig. It was weird walking across campus and recognizing the cars of some friends parked on campus. A few bands played before Vision, but I hung out with friends and then met…
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AFI-Vision-Strung Out-Bigwig @ Casino Skate Park In Asbury Park NJ 6-9-99

Vision had a record out on Epitaph right around this time, so they played some shows with those kind of bands. I went up after work and hung out in the front of the show with a few friends for most of the show. Vision were good, as you can see from the video. I do not remember much specifically about this show, but I know a lot of the crowd were pop punk types who had no idea what to do when people started going off. I did not watch, or care, about any of the other bands.

OS 101

We did this in December of 1996… Ian: Our ex drummer interview Faith No More for Sassy Magazine, kid from Friendly Fire…that’s a little history on me. BW: Oh, wow. Ian: I came from The Cause to Friendly Fire to Baxter to Hogan’s Heroes BW: With Jay Fisher Ian: …and being friends with Brian Strahle and all the crew from down there and having seen Hogan’s Heroes a million times, he decided to ask me when they needed a bass player. Skip: Johnny moved from bass to guitar BW: Well the record is coming out in February, but we already…
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