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Redemption 87-Ensign-Uprise-Rain On The Parade-In My Eyes-Bladecrasher @ New Providence American Legion Hall New Providence NJ 5-30-97

This might have been the first show I ever drove to, but I am not sure. Redemption 87 was one of the first of the “bringing it back” bands that emerged in the middle of the nineties. Their record suddenly popped up in the local record store, advertised as ex members of Token Entry and Unit Pride. Oh, really? Well the record was pretty good, although has not held up that well, and the hype around them was pretty massive. New Providence is at least an hour and a half from Manahawkin, probably more, and I think we took two…
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Vision-Rain On The Parade-OS 101-All Things Considered-Black Turns Green at Melody Bar in New Brunswick, NJ 11-2-97

We went up to this show with OS 101 in their van I think along with Jenn West and a few other people. They got a decent reaction, which was always pretty hit or miss for them. I don’t remember anything from Rain On The Parade’s set. Black Turns Green had future members of Purpose. All Things Considered had members of Uprise and a few other MCYC bands. They did a demo…this might have been their last show? Vision were good and definitely played You and I!!

War Zone-Uprise-No Contest-Purpose @ Manville Elks Lodge in Manville, NJ 6-30-97

I don’t think there was a flyer for this show? I think one or two other bands might have played this show, but I don’t remember who else they were. This might have been the first time I saw Purpose and I remember they covered Inside Out and Embrace, which seemed so out of left field in comparison to the youth crew style that was so popular at the time. I think a lot of people checked out Purpose, at first at least, not only because they were a decent band, but because their style was so different from what…
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Floorpunch-Ten Yard Fight-Hands Tied-Fastbreak-Uprise-Bladecrasher-Last Straw-9 Lives at Fieldsboro VFW in Bordentown NJ 1-4-97

My first show of 1997 was in Bordentown, NJ at the Fieldsboro VFW (which apparently doesn’t exist anymore?). When I began teaching at BCC in 2009, I noticed I drove near Bordentown every day on my commute and it always made me think of the shows I went to at this venue (Also, Vincenttown. Do the punks still slam there?). I missed the two other Floorpunch shows here (one with Rain On The Parade and Vision, and the other with Human Remains and Earth Crisis). I went to this show with a bunch of friends, two of which, John Piorkowski…
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A few years ago, I wrote this for Double Cross Webzine. Tim & Gordo ended up never doing anything with it, so I have done some editing and reproduced what I wrote here. So, my senior year of high school I was working on a new fanzine. This would be my first full length, pretty serious effort, fanzine after a couple of false starts. I really wanted to interview War Zone, so a friend (Dan Skebra?) gave me their voicemail number and I called it up. After leaving a very nervous message, I didn’t hear anything for about a week…
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I interviewed Uprise at Fieldsboro on January 4th 1997 during either Floorpunch or Ten Yard Fight’s set. I think it was Ten Yard Fight actually, because I was angry we missed Floorpunch on the way home. My ride wanted to leave early for some insane reason. To miss Floorpunch?!? The lowest blow had to be having to listen to The Descendents on the whole ride home. Yeah I really want to hear Silly Girl while we drive in the opposite direction of the best band in hardcore. Thankfully, I got a car a few months later. Interview is with Matt,…
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