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Ignite-Rain On The Parade-Shutdown-Purpose-No Contest In Yardley PA 1-4-98

My first show of 1998 took me to Yardley again, which had been the site of an infamous show a few weeks before. I don’t remember much about Purpose. No Contest opened with the intro from Age Of Quarrel (the song), which was pretty cool. Ignite were really late to this show. Shutdown played a long set where they busted out a ton of covers. Rain On The Parade hopped on and played a quick set too. I used to love it when this happened. Finally Ignite got there and pretty much got up on stage and began playing. They…
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Ignite-Hands Tied-Fastbreak-Rain On The Parade-9 Lives at Fieldsboro NJ 4-20-97

The above video is from the day before at The Down Under in New Brunswick, but I went to see the newly reunited (and minus see crappy songs) Agnostic Front with Madball, Crown of Thornz, and some others. Seasonal allergies had just hit that week, so I was pretty sick after going crazy (and getting in a fight where like seven TOTALLY TOUGH AND SCARY skinheads went after me for DARING to try to break up a fight. One of them was like THIS IS NOT YOUR CONCERN. Oh, why didn’t you tell me this was SKINHEAD BUSINESS? Carry on!)…
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Parade Brigade #3 The Reviews

Issue three would be the end of Parade Brigade Fanzine and, as promised in issue two, we mostly only reviewed records that were sent to us. Boy were some of these records awful! John and I handle most of the reviews with only the Carry On and Esteem records getting both of us. Issue four would have had a Carry On interview that I think John actually did…? Our friend Ryan, who did a lot of grunt work with me getting this issue thrown together as quickly as it was, jumped in to do a few reviews as well. 200…
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In The Blink Of An Eye Fanzine #2: The Reviews

These were the reviews from In The Blink Of An Eye Fanzine #2 (#1 was a brief one pager that a few of these reviews appeared in originally). After a few issues of What Was Said, I switched names and tried pretty unsuccessfully to reboot the fanzine. A lot of the same problems that plagued WWS were all over this one too. This came out in the summer of 1998. I am thinking late in the month of August perhaps? I did not do another fanzine for about eight months before the first issue of Parade Brigade Fanzine came together.…
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Parade Brigade Fanzine #2: The Reviews

All three “staff members” did reviews for issue two. BW=Bill Wend, John=John Piorkowski, Ferret=Justin Bragg I got a ton of shit in the weeks before that In My Eyes record came out. I got it in the mail, listened a few times, and posted one morning on the Rev Board that I did not like it. I said it reminded me of Better Than A Thousand and was kind of shitty. I went to class and came back to this huge thread about what a fag/loser/pussy I was. LOL. Oh noes, I didn’t like your precious friend’s band and their…
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Speak 714 Interview Part One

By 1998 I was really falling out of love with the whole “1997” youth crew revival thing. Also, during this time period, as I entered college I began dealing with my own sexuality in a frank and real way for the first time. I was a late bloomer to say the least. The fall of 1997 and spring/summer of 1998 was filled with three very confusing and frustrating relationships where I dealt directly with a lot of what Dan talks about. I didn’t have the emotional or sexual maturity to really engage with them at the time in any meaningful…
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Vitality! Introspection 7” It’s The Limit Records Pretty melodic hardcore not unlike later Bold, Ignite, or The Killing Flame. The problem with bands like this is that they just keep getting more “rock” sounding with each progressive release. This is already pretty “rock,” although there are some decent Uniform Choice style riffs in a few songs. I don’t really like this, but if you like the above bands you should check this out.

Weapon X

Weapon X was a band who only played one show at the Manville Elks Lodge on August 9th 1997. Members of Weapon X have also been in Ensign, Vision, The Purpose, Black Turns Green, Kurbjaw, A Death In The Family, and some others. I remember the week before Floorpunch, Vision, and 25 Ta Life played the same venue. In fact, Manville would be a consistent venue for a few years after this. Sometimes I really miss the place. It was easy to get to (go around the circle, go up six lights, make a left!), the people who ran it seemed to be really cool, and I always knew no matter what show I…
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