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Parade Brigade Fanzine #1: The Reviews

We put out Parade Brigade Fanzine #1 in the spring of 1999. I have no idea what show we released it for, but I think it was at Manville Elks Lodge. Maybe. Amendment 18 Demo This band has members of a number of bands (Insted, Chorus Of Disapproval, Outspoken, etc) I had different expectations for this demo expecting more moshy stuff, but I got straight forward hardcore with interesting breakdowns. Lyrically, this isn’t as “militant,” as xChorusx was, but good all around especially “Eulogy.” I look forward to more. BW Bane Holding This Moment Equal Vision Records Bane sort of…
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Black SS/Raining Bricks Split

Black SS/Raining Bricks Split EP Organized Crime Records After hearing Black SS again I pretty much feel the same way I did previously. These guys are pretty good; they remind me a lot of very early Kill Your Idols. The vocalist sounds a lot like Choke. Yet, I am not really feeling this record. Raining Bricks are very similar. They sort of sound like Black SS. For some reason the first band to come to mind is The Anti Heroes. Huh? This is fast, slightly OI! sounding hardcore that I’m sure will have a captive audience. Mine came on red…
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Parade Brigade #1

This is our personal pages from Parade Brigade #1. Nothing much to say here. The Spazz interview was actually in #1 (but the H-Street interview we mention later on wasn’t, huh?). The Kill Your Idols, Speak 714, Purpose, and Nerve Agents interviews are still unreleased to this day. We never got around to interviewing In My Eyes. Parade Brigade #1 Well, well, a new zine. John and I have combined forces and are now doing a zine together. ITBOAE is dead; not that anyone gives a fuck, but hey why not mention it? I figure fuck, I am the negative…
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