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Cro Mags-Sick Of It All-Blood For Blood at The World in New York City, NY 6-30-02

This was a show that began pretty bumpy, but ended up being okay in the end. John and I got a late start heading up to north Jersey. When we got onto the Turnpike to head towards Hoboken we missed our exit somehow and ended up having to go into the city via Jersey City instead. After wandering through New York City we eventually reached the venue. Thankfully we had tickets already because they were turning people away at the door. Some of my friends used to get really annoyed at my insistence on buying tickets when possible, but it…
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Parade Brigade Fanzine #1: The Reviews

We put out Parade Brigade Fanzine #1 in the spring of 1999. I have no idea what show we released it for, but I think it was at Manville Elks Lodge. Maybe. Amendment 18 Demo This band has members of a number of bands (Insted, Chorus Of Disapproval, Outspoken, etc) I had different expectations for this demo expecting more moshy stuff, but I got straight forward hardcore with interesting breakdowns. Lyrically, this isn’t as “militant,” as xChorusx was, but good all around especially “Eulogy.” I look forward to more. BW Bane Holding This Moment Equal Vision Records Bane sort of…
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The Business-War Zone-Blanks 77-Cause For Alarm-Blood For Blood @ Wetlands In New York City NY 3-2-97

This was, I think, the first time I went to a show in New York City. I went with a few of the local skinheads, this girl Jessica and her boyfriend Chris, and I think someone else tagged along. They wanted to see The Business; I really wanted to see War Zone. After the hour and a half or so drive from the shore, we met up with some of their friends and a few of mine, who informed us that War Zone were filiming a video at the show (see above). I remember standing on line for a long…
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