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Ensign-Good Riddance-Weapon X-Hands Tied-Shutdown-In My Eyes-Fastbreak @ Manville Elks Lodge Manville NJ 8-9-97

This show was one of the big end of summer shows (along with Back To School Jam and the show that Gordo did) as the summer of 1997 began to wind down. We packed a crew into my car (and literally packed lunch) and headed up to the show. Weapon X would play their only show. WX had members of Ensign, Purpose, Kurbjaw, and some others and played pretty generic 1988 hardcore. They covered Turning Point and Judge. I interviewed Nate after the show. Their 7” was released in a limited edition of 200. I ended up with a handful…
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Show Memories: 97a-Full Speed Ahead-The Swarm-Rain On The Parade at 331 Somerset St. New Brunswick, NJ 8-22-99

There were two big things that stood out about this show. First, this was the final show of 97a’s summer tour that had taken them across the country, which a bit of controversy along the way, and they returned home to play a house show in New Brunswick. This was also the first show back for Rain On The Parade, who had broken up, in New Brunswick even, the previous fall. Ronny and Matt had started a new band called Fired Up in between and, with a few lineup changes, those songs were merged into Rain On The Parade and…
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Rain On The Parade

John and Justin did this interview in May of 1997 for a zine called We’re Not Gonna Take It, which they never finished. We ended up finally using it in 2000 for Parade Brigade #2. This interview was conducted at the basketball court down the street from the New Providence Hall during Ensign’s set. Also present were myself and one of ROTP’s friends named Lee. I think I asked one question. John and Justin handled the rest. Ronny Little and Matt Smith give answers. *** Who is in the band and what do they do? Ronny-Right now it’s me, Ronny…
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