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Best of 2007

Demo Staring Problem, Demo, USA, 2007 New Lows, Demo, USA, USA, 2007 Nuclear Family, Demo, USA, 2007 Shorter Waste Management, Get Your Mind Right 7″, USA, 2007 Various Artists, No Bullshit Volume Two 7″, International, 2007 Various Artists, No Bullshit Volume Three 7″, International, 2007 Needles, Twisted Vision 7″, USA, 2007 Totalitar, Vi Ar Eliten 7″, Sweden, 2007 Longer Double Negative, The Wonderful & Frightening World Of Double Negative 12″, USA, 2007 Snake Apartment, Paint The Walls 12″, USA, 2007 Gauze, 貧乏ゆすりのリズムに乗って 12″, Japan, 2007 Knife Fight, Crisis 12″, USA, 2007 Invasion, Self Titled 12″, Spain, 2007

Signifying Nothing Top 100 Of The 2000s

9 Shocks Terror, Zen & The Art Of Beating Your Ass LP, USA, 2002 86 Mentality, Self Titled 7″, USA, 2004 2000 Maniacs, State College Hardcore 7″, USA, 2005 ABC Weapons, The Process Of Decay LP, Australia, 2005 Abusive Action, Unbreakable Demo, Netherlands, 2004 Amdi Petersens Arme, Self Titled 7″, Denmark, 2000 Annihilation Time, Self Titled LP, USA, 2003 Avskum, Punkista LP, USA, 2002 Bloodkrow Butcher, Demo, USA, 2009 Born In Hell, Demo Tape, USA, 2004 Breathing Fire, Demo, USA, 2004 Burn, The Last Great Sea 7″, USA, 2002 Call The Police, 1984 In 2004 LP, USA, 2004 Calvary, Outnumbered…
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Signifying Nothing Episode Twenty Seven

Signifying Nothing Episode Twenty Seven Playlist Arms Reach-Sick Dogs (Get Put Down) Vision-Falling Apart Stains-Get Revenge Monster X-Legalize Naked Raygun-I Don’t Know Cold Sweat-Abortion is Dinner Circle Jerks-Beverly Hills Snake Apartment-Florida Vile Bodies-Face Without Hands Kiss It Goodbye-Fire Drill Youth Brigade-Pay No Attention Germs-No God Obliteration-No Escape Black Flag-Police Story Show Notes Jack Roy Records is doing the Our Gang reissue

Snake Apartment-Paint The Walls

Snake Apartment Paint The Walls LP Parts Unknown Records One of the better bands of the past few years has been Snake Apartment. After an impressive demo, they followed it up with this LP. Influenced by early Nirvana, Wurm, Melvins, Malfunkshun, and others, Snake Apartment play very dirty hardcore that would have fit in well on SST or Sub Pop in the mid to late eighties. Definitely worth checking out.