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Killing Time-Underdog-Bulldoze-Billy Club Sandwich-Homicidal-Icepick-Aggressive Threat @ New York City NY 7-3-05

The flyer for this show says it was “the last matinee” at CBGB and I’m pretty sure it was the last time I went there. CBGB was a shithole and I hated every second I spent in it. Clean your damn bathroom! We got up to New York City pretty early for this one and ended up in a bar with a few friends making asses of themselves trying to hit on super uptight preppie women. I had a cell phone by then, so I went outside and texted with a friend who was supposed to meet up with us…
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Signifying Nothing Episode Beta

Playlist Little Rascals-No Shirt No Shoes No Dice 97a-It’s In Our Power Fury-Space Love Hands Tied-Rearrange Fit For Abuse-Nuclear Threat Shark Attack-On The Attack Ten Yard Fight-First & Ten The Evens-All The Governors Signal Lost-Blueprints For Babylon Negative FX-Protester Lion Of Judah-War Of Souls Restless Youth-Already Dead Icepick-Angels N Demons Bold-Speak Out Judge-No Apologies Righteous Jams-The Fight Your Game Siege-Grim Reaper DRI-Reaganomics Spazz-Donger Mental-DFJ’s Diary Knife Fight-America’s Hardcore Soul Swallower-Dead Fall Low Profile Threat-Untitled Tragedy-Product Of A Cold War Depression Direct Control-Ronnie’s Dead Splitting Headache-School Of Life Drop Out Mind Eraser-Thawed Out Frank Castle Gonna Break Your Neck!-Fuck Your Flag…
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Iron Age-Constant Struggle

Iron Age Constant Struggle LP Youngblood Records This record came to my door hyped to death. I have to say though this is really good. If you like bands like The Cro-Mags, Crumbsuckers, True Blue, Icepick, etc you will be into this. Some songs remind me of Madball too. I dig the Metallica style riffs too. There is plenty of changes and variety on here. My only complaints are a few songs kind of drag on too long and the production is a little thin. For this kind of band I want the production to be huge ala Best Wishes.…
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