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Alive & Well 8-30-98

Mercifully, this show got moved to Casino Skate Park. The openers were Full Speed Ahead, OS101, and Kid Dynamite, who were still fairly new and I had not yet heard before this show. I was not impressed. The bottomline is every band got their normal excellent reactions, but especially Vision and Floorpunch. Burn were really good. There were a couple of scuffles during their set because people were going off hard. I remember being told to avoid someone because “you don’t want to fuck with him.” Whatever.

Ensign-Vision-The Fire Still Burns-Triple Threat-Charge-Test Of Courage-Ash Monday @ Manahawkin NJ 3-20-05

One of our friends put this show on. Vision had never played Manahawkin before, but Neurotic Impulse did in 1987. Ash Monday and Test of Courage were local bands. If I recall correctly, ToC covered an Underdog song? I don’t think Charge played this show. Triple Threat were good. I liked their 7″, which tried to blend speedy youth crew hardcore with something like Bl’ast! or Pressure Release. Generally it is pretty good. The Fire Sill Burns had members of Ensign and some others. Oh and Ensign played too. We packed it up front for Vision. Some of my students…
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Bane-Ensign-Death By Stereo-Adamantium-Shady View Terrace-Spacechange-Next Season @ Old Bridge NJ 7-6-00

Two big memories about this show: This was Mackenzie’s final show with Ensign. One of my favorite people in NJ going way back to when I first met him in the mid 90s. Second, it was brutally hot on this day and I ended up watching Bane’s set from the stairs outside because at least there was a slight breeze there instead of just moisture and heat like inside the venue. I got really burnt and it hurt a lot the next day.

Dillinger Four-Ensign-Voices Forming Weapons-Something In The Water @ New Brunswick NJ 7-23-00

Something In The Water had members of No Contest and a few other bands. I was very excited to see Voices Forming Weapons, who had members of the excellent band All Chrome. I don’t remember much about their set at all, but their demo and other records have been collected on an album. The vocalist for VFW is now in Sweet Jesus. I remember nothing about Ensign at all. I might have gone to eat with someone? I might be mixing up a few shows though. I stood in the hall and watched Dillinger Four for a few songs and…
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Sick Of It All-Ensign-Candiria-Indecision-IDK-Clubber Lang @ Edison NJ 6-6-99

I got in a brief scuffle during Sick Of It All’s set at this show. It was stupid and really bummed out afterwards because a few “friends” kind of distanced themselves from me. Whatever. In the summer of 99, I was so miserable and really falling apart. I don’t want to go into it too deeply on here, but right around this time was one of the lowest points in my life. I forget why, but during Ensign’s set a lot of people wore Strength 691 shirts. I guess because of Nate? I didn’t watch any of the other bands…
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Matt Leveton Benefit 1999

The first ever benefit for Matt Leveton was in January 1999. Matt used to book shows at Manville and got seriously hurt in a car crash. These shows were a really big deal at the time and a nice showing of what can happen when the hardcore scene comes together for something good. The first day was highlighted by a reunion show for Strength 691. I remember seeing a lot of people who I had not seen in a few years, which is an odd feeling when you are 19, and hung around catching up with a lot of people.…
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Ensign-Rain On The Parade-Degenerics-Worthless-Reach The Sky-Purpose-Tears Of Frustration @ Manville NJ 9-20-98

This was yet another one of those shows where I worked all day and then raced to the show…I got there an hour late and it still had not even started! Tears Of Frustration got added to this show and opened it. I remember they covered a YDL song and the crowd was pretty awkward about it. The Degenerics, after a few seven inches, were starting to get really hot around this time. People were into them and they would always bust out a couple Bad Brains covers. No specific memories of Purpose, Worthless (another band that played a lot…
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Ensign-Fastbreak-Rain On The Parade-Purpose-Fit For Abuse @ Manville NJ 6-13-98

This show was mostly an average 1998 NJHC show except for the opener…who absolutely blew our minds… After a long day at work some friends met up with me at my house. I took a quick shower and we got on the road to Manville, which was like 80 minutes away or so. The night before I had a conversation with a friend who said to make we got to the show on time because the opener was incredible. Fit For Abuse absolutely blew our minds. Not too many bands were more influenced by the 82 style, yet, at the…
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Ensign-9 Lives-Kill Your Idols-Step Ahead-Public Urination-Rise Above-A Moments Peace @ Asbury Park, NJ 1-29-99

I do not remember a ton from this show, but the big thing I remember is interviewing Kill Your Idols in the bathroom of Casino Skate Park. That was the only quiet place we could find unfortunately. It stunk in there and we did a quick interview to get out of the place. I never printed the interview despite Parade Brigade Fanzine beginning right after this. I also did a Purpose interview right around this time that never got printed. Actually, I think that might have been at Casino Skate Park too maybe? I do not know why we never…
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Ensign-Grade @ New Brunswick NJ 2000 (?)

This show was either in 1999 or 2000, but it is a little fuzzy in my head. I do know that it was on a week night and I needed to leave as easly as possible for a morning class (which could mean 2000 because I had an art history class at 8am with Carson, a few bros, and a bunch of pretty prepped out young ladies who hung out with us (!?) instead of the bros. Wah? I am still confused about tthat one for sure). Ensign were….Ensign at this show. I remember Chris Oliver sang Lou Kollar’s part…
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