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Winter 2012 Reviews

Nomos Demo Great 82 style hardcore from this New York band. There are a lot of modern influences on this band’s demo including Cold Sweat, The Snobs, and other, hey, early 00 bands. I would like to hear more. Our Side Demo Really raw, late eighties, influenced hardcore in the vein of Release, Youth Of Today, and Four Walls Falling. With a better recording, I sense this band could be pretty good. I want to hear more. Pigsticker Demo I really like this demo. Pigsticker reminds me a cross between Circle Jerks and Necros with sloppy, raw, production values that sounds pretty authentic to the early eighties…
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Snake Apartment-Paint The Walls

Snake Apartment Paint The Walls LP Parts Unknown Records One of the better bands of the past few years has been Snake Apartment. After an impressive demo, they followed it up with this LP. Influenced by early Nirvana, Wurm, Melvins, Malfunkshun, and others, Snake Apartment play very dirty hardcore that would have fit in well on SST or Sub Pop in the mid to late eighties. Definitely worth checking out.

Dry Rot-Philistine

Dry Rot Philistine LP Parts Unknown Records Dry Rot have been a band who came highly recommended from many friends. Didn’t they tour with Mind Eraser one summer too? Cool. I have enjoyed their many eps in the past, but they never really pulled me in where I would listen to them a lot. That has changed a bit with their new LP on Parts Unknown. Manic hardcore bouncing between power violence and the free jazz influenced style of SST bands like Saccharine Trust (a member of whom played on this record!), Black Flag, Gone, Painted Willie, etc. This is…
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The Gatecrashers-…Are A Bunch Of Mother Fuckers

The Gatecrashers …Are A Bunch of Mother Fuckers LP Parts Unknown Records The Gatecrashers are a band I have enjoyed previously but never really paid a ton of attention to. I do remember being amused by their piss take on Break Down The Walls on a previous record. This LP reminds me a lot of New Jersey’s own already classic band Tear It Up. Musically, it is well done but just does not grab me the way that bands like Tear It Up do. If you dig this style, check this record out though.

Negative FX-Government War Plans

Negative FX Government War Plans LP Parts Unknown Records This is a longer version of the previously bootlegged demo versions of the LP that came out on a 7″ a couple years ago. This is a legit release apparently; the drummer of Negative FX does liner notes for this record. These demo versions are just that: relatively rough sounding versions of the LP songs. There are no unreleased songs and this recording is not all that special. I would pick this up if you love Negative FX, as I do, but otherwise I would pass on it. Only for collectors…
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Riff Raff-Demo

Riff Raff Demo Parts Unknown Records I am not into this one at all. Average NYHC style stuff that I am sure, with the right audience, could be very popular. Musically I would place them nearest to YDL or Outburst. There just is not much here that interests me. I am going to pass on this one, but if you dig 1988 style NYHC check it out and decide for yourself.

Drop Out-Demo

Drop Out Demo Parts Unknown Records Drop Out is from Texass and play good mid-paced early eighties hardcore. I hear a bit of The Circle Jerks here along with other influences from the period. Good stuff, even though the lyrics to the song Drop Out are somewhat stupid. Anti-school mentalities are for idiots. I would recommend picking it up still.