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Floorpunch-Shark Attack-Ekulu-Stag Party-Fence Cutter @ Asbury Park NJ 6-1-19

I missed the opener because I was outside catching up with a lot of friends. Stag Party not only has members I went to college with, but also to high school with! Neat. Ekulu is a band I just cannot get into at all. Every song feels like it is a minute too long and something is just….off. No one seems to agree with me about this though. Shark Attack, with some lineup changes, were really good and busted out a new cover of “Bloodstains” even. Floorpunch were solid as always. They are so tight these days. Porter alluded to…
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Alive & Well 8-30-98

Mercifully, this show got moved to Casino Skate Park. The openers were Full Speed Ahead, OS101, and Kid Dynamite, who were still fairly new and I had not yet heard before this show. I was not impressed. The bottomline is every band got their normal excellent reactions, but especially Vision and Floorpunch. Burn were really good. There were a couple of scuffles during their set because people were going off hard. I remember being told to avoid someone because “you don’t want to fuck with him.” Whatever.

Vision-Floorpunch-In My Eyes-Fastbreak-Reach The Sky-OS 101-Cryptic Cookies For Jesus @ New Providence NJ 3-8-98

This show was done by Maggie Rosario. I did a flyer for it with a Sailor Moon background that I only have a cruddy scan for at the moment. My only copy got wrecked when I pulled it off my wall to scan, so I had to take it out of a fanzine. I also helped get Reach The Sky onto this show sometime during that week. Back in the 90s we got so much done via ICQ and AOL Instant Messenger before texting, Skype, etc. CC4J were a band that got back together to play some shows around this…
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Floorpunch-In My Eyes-Fastbreak-Reach The Sky-Fast Times-Full Speed Ahead @ Casino Skate Park Asbury Park NJ 11-28-98

Rain On The Parade did not play this show. They had played their “final” show, before getting back together the next summer, a few weeks before. This was the record release show for the Floorpunch LP. The record had come out maybe a month before and we had been listening to it non-stop. I went on a date the night before (with someone who ended up being best friends with the sister of a friend of ours) and could not sit still during the date because I was so excited for the gig. I worked all morning and when I…
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Token Entry-Nerve Endings-Search-Out Of Body-Only Glory @ Philadelphia PA 7-24-16

This show seemed to pop up real suddenly a few weeks before, but I made sure to get a ticket. I have always missed Token Entry at their reunions (1994, 2011), so I definitely wanted to check them out. Adding Search to the show definitely sealed the deal for me. I missed both Out Of Body and Only Glory because I was outside waiting for a friend to arrive at the show. Nerve Endings were okay, but I didn’t feel too moved by them either way. Search are a new band member ex members of Mouthpiece, Hands Tied, Turning Point,…
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Floorpunch-Down To Nothing-Invasion-Righteous Jams-Mind Eraser-Bracewar-Get Real-Staring Problem @ Stelton Church Edison NJ 1-16-10

When Floorpunch started playing gigs again, I kept missing them because of school and then work. This show was originally supposed to be in December, but a big snow storm the day of the show postponed it for a month or so. I got so lost going to this show. I missed my exit on the Turnpike and had to drive around in a circle for about 20 minutes before figuring it out. I missed a few bands, but got there just as Mind Eraser began playing and I watched them from the back of the room. They opened with…
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Breakdown-Ensign-Fastbreak-Floorpunch-Full Speed Ahead @ Casino Skate Park In Asbury Park NJ 5-15-98

My first year of college was finally over and to celebrate this show happened on the final day! Brilliant, right? I went to campus in the morning, took a math final (which also had a few Brick Town crew people in it), and then drove back down to Manahawkin for dinner and then to pick up everyone for the show. After stopping at a rest stop (for some reason I have a vivid memory of this) we headed up the show and made sure we got there on time. We had seen Full Speed Ahead the previous summer and spent…
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Agnostic Front-Madball-Crown Of Thornz-25 Ta Life-Corrupt-NJ Bloodline-Fury Of V @ Stone Pony Asbury Park NJ 4-19-97

I heard about Agnostic Front getting back together sometime the previous summer. I had at a gig and someone I knew just randomly threw it into a conversation. I was online by the summer of 96, but besides a few websites and IRC, was more engaged in dorky fan culture and anime stuff while I was online back then, so news had not reached me about this. They played a few shows that winter and then more in the spring, which included a show in DC and then this one in New Jersey. So while a ton of people went…
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Best of 2015

LP No Tolerance-You Walk Alone Vaaska-Todos Contra Todos Into Another-Omens Violent Reaction-Marching On Constant Fear-DroneKill EP Aggression Pact-Self Titled Ajax-Self Titled The Flex-Don’t Bother With The Outside World 2 x 4-Self Titled Udusic-Self Titled Demo/Promo Intent-Promo Tape Protester-Paincave Session Combatant-Demo Reissues Agnostic Front-No One Rules Leeway-Born To Expire Siege GISM-Determination John Coltrane-A Love Supreme: The Complete Masters Live I only attended two shows this year, but one of them was Breakdown and the other was Floorpunch/Cro-Mags.

Floorpunch-Fast Times-Parting Shot @ The Melody Bar In New Brunswick NJ 1-17-99

This show was right before Floorpunch went to Europe. Fast Times and Parting Shot opened this show, but not sure who else. Had to be others, right? No one seems to remember. Parting Shot were the dudes behind Impact Webzine (before it became a fanzine and then eventually Gordo did Double Cross with Tim) and Finish Line Fanzine. They did a pretty generic demo, but then a new recording that sounded a lot of Moondog and Beyond. Cool. Fast Times was Ali’s band. They played a LOT of shows back then. Pretty much got booked on anything they could it…
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