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Killing Time-Underdog-Bulldoze-Billy Club Sandwich-Homicidal-Icepick-Aggressive Threat @ New York City NY 7-3-05

The flyer for this show says it was “the last matinee” at CBGB and I’m pretty sure it was the last time I went there. CBGB was a shithole and I hated every second I spent in it. Clean your damn bathroom! We got up to New York City pretty early for this one and ended up in a bar with a few friends making asses of themselves trying to hit on super uptight preppie women. I had a cell phone by then, so I went outside and texted with a friend who was supposed to meet up with us…
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Alive & Well 8-29-98

These “Alive & Well” shows were a huge deal at the time. I did a three show weekend starting with the Ink & Dagger/Bluetip show the night before in Philadelphia. I was really running my car all around the tri-state area. I cannot believe it lasted almost all the way into 2004! Day two was better than day one for sure, but more on that in a minute… So two big rumors that summer: Judge was rumored to be playing this, but the story went that Mike eventually said no. That actually seems reasonable. The other big rumor was Rest…
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Antidote-Full Speed Ahead-Dynamo-Worthless-Straight To Hell-To Each His Own @ Asbury Park NJ 3-27-99

After a pretty iffy Antidote show in Red Bank a few weeks before, we headed up to Asbury Park to see them again. Full Speed Ahead were also playing, but another band really impressed us. Dynamo was Carl The Mosher’s, ex of The Icemen and Underdog, newest band. In fact, I think a few people from his lineup of The Icemen were in it? They were great NYHC kind of mixing up the 82 and 88 styles. People started going off and also Rat Bones was there getting down. We had gotten to know him a little bit and despite…
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Murphy’s Law @ Asbury Park NJ April 2004

I do not remember the venue this was at, but I think it was some kind of cafe in the newly redone Asbury Park. A band with Russ from Underdog in it also played. Murphy’s Law were GREAT at this show! They stuck to the hits, even opening with “Intro,” which got the dance floor really moving. The only problem was they played FOREVER and after about an hour I went outside. They played for another 30 minutes or so.

Underdog-Rain On The Parade-Bane @ The Melody Bar In New Brunswick NJ 11-15-98

Maybe Fast Times played this show too???? Bane got super big like six months after this show, but at this one they played to very few people. I remember their drummer blasting out some beats from a Negative FX song before they played. I yelled out “play that instead!” to some tumbleweeds. Wah wah. He seemed to appreciate it though. Rain On The Parade broke up at this show. For the first time. It is a long story, but there was some beef and they ended up breaking up. Not many people were into them besides the car of people…
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Redemption 87-Ensign-Uprise-Rain On The Parade-In My Eyes-Bladecrasher @ New Providence American Legion Hall New Providence NJ 5-30-97

This might have been the first show I ever drove to, but I am not sure. Redemption 87 was one of the first of the “bringing it back” bands that emerged in the middle of the nineties. Their record suddenly popped up in the local record store, advertised as ex members of Token Entry and Unit Pride. Oh, really? Well the record was pretty good, although has not held up that well, and the hype around them was pretty massive. New Providence is at least an hour and a half from Manahawkin, probably more, and I think we took two…
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Signifying Nothing’s Top 100 Hardcore Records Of The 1980’s

Abombanation, Demo Tape, USA, 1988 The Abused, Loud & Clear 7″, USA, 1983 Adolescents, Self Titled LP, USA, 1981 Adrenalin OD, The Wacky Hi-Jinks of Adrenalin OD, USA, 1984 Agent Orange, Your Mother Sucks Cock In Hell 7″, Holland, 1983 Agnostic Front, Victim In Pain LP, USA, 1984 Altercation, Demo Tape, USA, 1988 Anthrax, Capitalism Is Cannibalism 7″, England, 1983 Anti-Cimex, Victims Of A Bomb Raid 7″, Sweden, 1983 Bad Brains, Rock For Light LP, USA, 1983 Battalion Of Saints, Fighting Boys 12″, USA, 1982 Beyond, No Longer At Ease LP, USA, 1988 Black Flag, My War LP, USA, 1983…
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Underdog-Wide Awake-Vision-Up Front-Fast Times at Middlesex County College in Edison, NJ November 1998

Wide Awake played without their singer. Craig from Follow Through/Fear Tomorrow/etc did vocals. I remember they had some new songs that were more of a later Dischord Records style sound. I think there is a demo too? I was never a big Wide Awake fan. Everything after the intro quickly has diminishing results. Underdog were fine at this show, but you could start to tell some people in the band might not be as into the reunion thing as others. I remember a lot of diving at this show to the point where people were sitting down to be launched…
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Underdog-Floorpunch-To Each His Own-Fahrenheit 451 at The Saint in Asbury Park, NJ December 1998

I remember very little about this show and had to ask a few people to remember much about it. I remember Rat Bones going off hard for Underdog. This was the show I think I first heard about the possibility of Mouthpiece playing some shows, which wouldn’t happen for another few years. Related: Someone in a big band at the time was chatting with a member of Mouthpiece at this show talking about how important Mouthpiece were and that they could really kick start what was starting to be a slowing down hardcore scene in New Jersey. That same person…
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