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Signifying Nothing Episode Nine

Playlist Discharge-State Violence State Control Limp Wrist-What’s Gone Wrong Calvary-Order No. 270 Calvary-Time To Die The Dayglo Abortions-Proud To Be A Canadian The FU’s-Trendy Nazi Hypocrites Vision-Suspect Device Born Against-Resist Control Direct Control-Bucktown Hardcore Tragedy-Life I Object-Intro/Like A Billboard Skitsystem-Vald Raining Bricks-Brains On Vacation Black SS-Terror Of The Northeast The Geeks-Still I Stay The Same Dead Kennedys-Cesspool In Eden Jello Biafra & The Melvins-Those Dumb Punk Kids Will Buy Anything Big Boys-TV Knockdown-Get Away Fastbreak-Don’t Stop Trying Bound-Die Like Them Don’t No-Underground Spazz-Rat Pack Devoid Of Faith-Science Is Their Religion Reagan Youth-Reagan Youth Cop Out-Cursed Birth Black SS-I Want Out…
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Black SS/Raining Bricks Split

Black SS/Raining Bricks Split EP Organized Crime Records After hearing Black SS again I pretty much feel the same way I did previously. These guys are pretty good; they remind me a lot of very early Kill Your Idols. The vocalist sounds a lot like Choke. Yet, I am not really feeling this record. Raining Bricks are very similar. They sort of sound like Black SS. For some reason the first band to come to mind is The Anti Heroes. Huh? This is fast, slightly OI! sounding hardcore that I’m sure will have a captive audience. Mine came on red…
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Black SS-Self Titled

Black SS Self Titled EP Third Party Records Black SS has been hyped a lot lately. Hearing a metal free band from Syracuse is quite refreshing. Black SS play 82 inspired hardcore that reminds me a lot of Slapshot and Kill Your Idols. This is straight forward and a little OI! Influenced (ala Slapshot) at times. Ultimately, while this is pretty good, it doesn’t really grab me. I’m curious to hear more though.