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Summer Reviews

Things have been slow around here lately. Some of it is lack of motivation, a lot of that stems from a decent downswing in readers/listeners, but also in content. I have not had a lot to say lately for some reasons that, maybe, I will write about sometime. *** Real Cops Demo Excellent NJHC that reminds me of bands like Full Speed Ahead and Tear It Up (who members of this band were in). I see a lot of potential here. *** Sucked Dry Demo Wow, another band that sounds like Cold Sweat is a big influence on them. Obviously, other bands like Crossed Out and Rorschach are also big influences. I…
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Show Review: Agnostic Front-The Last Stand-Ensign @ Asbury Lanes

After hearing that Agnostic Front was doing a “theme” set for their thirtieth anniversary of the “Live At CB’s” set, I figured I should check it out. Now, obviously, I am not exactly the biggest fan of their newer work. Actually, I don’t like any AF records post Victim In Pain. Nevertheless, the live record is pretty ill and in a live setting songs like Toxic Shock and Strength sound great. I can definitely get into that. I made the trek up to Asbury Park after a quiet day of errands and just hanging out. I caught the last few…
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May Reviews

Siamese Twins Demo More Nu-Shoegazer stuff from this band. I seem to be checking out a lot of these bands lately. This six song demo is pretty good, but not something that is really drawing my attention that much. I’m not a big fan of Catherine Wheel and that, along with a bit of Lush, is what this demo reminds me of. There are some elements of The Cure or Sisters of Mercy immersed in their sound as well, which is a little different but nevertheless not really my thing. Big shoegazer fans will want to check this out. Outlast New Jersey…
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