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July 8th 2006: Forward To Death-Government Warning-Career Suicide-Splitting Headache-Wasted Time

July 8th 2006 Forward To Death–Government Warning–Career Suicide–Splitting Headache–Wasted Time This was my first show in awhile. I made the quick journey up to Toms River alone this time around. I think Dave had to work at the last minute and well, that’s about the only other person who goes to shows with me around here. After getting dinner I hit up the Log Cabin, which is quickly becoming a great place for shows. New Jersey’s own Splitting Headache opened up and played a great set. They played a good mix of songs from their EP and some new ones,…
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Signifying Nothing Episode Alpha

Signifying Nothing Episode Alpha Playlist Bl’ast!-It’s Alive Septic Death-Hardware Annihilation Time-Razor Lion Of Judah-Commodity Abusive Action-Heatseeker Jeasuseater-Your Airstream Future Our Turn-Break The Chain Henry Rollins-Maya Floorpunch-From The Outside Youth of today-Thinking Straight Full Speed Ahead-Assault The Faith-Subject To Change Society System DeControl-Not Normal 411-This Isn’t Me Rain On The Parade-On My Mind By The Grace Of God-Dead Ends Forward To Death-Retro Is Poison Mind Eraser-Chewed Up, Spit Out

Newz U Can Uze

A few news items: Sadly, Karl Mueller, the bassist for the band Soul Asylum, died recently. What does this have to do with hardcore you ask? Well, Karl was in the band Loud Fast Rules; who conveniently enough Something I Learned Today, one of my favorite blogs, just blogged about. Soul Asylum also came out of the same scene that gave us bands like Husker Du and The Replacements. I was very impressed by Splitting Headache’s set this weekend. Featuring ex-members of Full Speed Ahead, Tear It Up, Forward To Death, and Cut The Shit, Splitting Headache plays hardcore not…
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