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OS 101

We did this in December of 1996… Ian: Our ex drummer interview Faith No More for Sassy Magazine, kid from Friendly Fire…that’s a little history on me. BW: Oh, wow. Ian: I came from The Cause to Friendly Fire to Baxter to Hogan’s Heroes BW: With Jay Fisher Ian: …and being friends with Brian Strahle and all the crew from down there and having seen Hogan’s Heroes a million times, he decided to ask me when they needed a bass player. Skip: Johnny moved from bass to guitar BW: Well the record is coming out in February, but we already…
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New Year’s Eve 1996 at 508 House In Toms River, NJ

We went to this show to celebrate the new year as we headed into 1997. I went to this show with Peter and Crystal. Baxter played and probably a few other bands, but my memory is a bit hazy. All that booze! I kid. A lot of my friends crushed on Crystal. I *did*, certainly, but never really did much with it when we were in high school beyond a 12ish hour period where we talked our way out of it. We did kiss once too that previous summer, but neither of us ever brought it up again. She got…
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Baxter-Lucky No. 13-Whatever-Franklin at 508 House in Toms River, NJ 6-25-95

I went to high school with Ian from Hogan’s Heroes/OS101/Friendly Fire’s younger brother Pete. He dropped out of school sometime in the fall of 1996, but he was one of the people who introduced me to straight edge. We hung around at the Smith house for most of this day. Their parents were pretty nice people who put up with a ton of us running in and out the house all the time. A few generations of hardcore kids bounced around in there. It sucks both of the Smith parents have passed away. Baxter was Ian’s side project. They were…
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