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Signifying Nothing Episode Three

Playlist Mental-Desperate Measures Rain On The Parade-Resolution White Trash-Daddy Warbucks Electric Wizard-Funeralapolis Negative Approach-Why Be Something That You’re Not DC3-Theme From An Imaginary Western Sons Of Ishmael-Democracy Hated Youth-Ban The Bible Confuse-People Are Nuclear Poisoning By The Grace Of God-Goliath Voorhees-Let The Hunt Begin To What End?-Kasserad The Elected-Not Going Home Holy Mountain-Oversight Anchors Away-Walk The Plank Wasted Time-I’m Surrounded By Winners Poison Idea-Discontent Poison Idea-Castration Poison Idea-Ballad Of A Pre-Op Poison Idea-In My Headache  

Top 100 Of The Eighties: Hated Youth-Hardcore Rules 7″

Hated Youth Hardcore Rules 7” Burrito Records 1983 (Released in 2000) This record was unreleased until 2000. Hated Youth were from Florida in the early eighties. They played thrashy hardcore like a lot of bands of the era. I am reminded of Gang Green, DRI, and The Neos when I listen to this. This is great stuff! Here is an mp3 of Ted Bundy These songs are posted for sample purposes. I post them so that people can be turned on to cool music and hopefully return the favor for someone else. Each mp3 will be up for one week…
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Government Warning-No Way Out

Government Warning No Way Out 7” No Way Records I really like this record. Government Warning (great name!) play snotty early eighties styled hardcore in the vein of stuff like The Necros & Hated Youth. I could see myself listening to this one a lot. My favorite part of this record is how authentic to the 82′ style it is. I could figure this record for being outtakes from Flex Your Head or an unreleased Touch & Go record. The cover also looks like an early hardcore record. Check them out at the No Way Records website.