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In The Blink Of An Eye Fanzine #2: The Reviews

These were the reviews from In The Blink Of An Eye Fanzine #2 (#1 was a brief one pager that a few of these reviews appeared in originally). After a few issues of What Was Said, I switched names and tried pretty unsuccessfully to reboot the fanzine. A lot of the same problems that plagued WWS were all over this one too. This came out in the summer of 1998. I am thinking late in the month of August perhaps? I did not do another fanzine for about eight months before the first issue of Parade Brigade Fanzine came together.…
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Vision-Killing Time-In My Eyes-Ensign-97a at The Down Under New Brunswick NJ 7-6-97

I went to this show with CJ I think, but my memory is a little hazy. Floorpunch was supposed to also play this show, but they canceled because Zev was on tour with Endeavor. I know they played a few shows with Little Dave or Zusi on bass, but this one got canceled. Instead, after a few openers, we got a surprise three song set by In My Eyes, which included a Uniform Choice cover. Is there a video? I am probably all over that. 97a played as well. I think their 12″ had just come out. I do not…
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Parade Brigade Fanzine #1: The Reviews

We put out Parade Brigade Fanzine #1 in the spring of 1999. I have no idea what show we released it for, but I think it was at Manville Elks Lodge. Maybe. Amendment 18 Demo This band has members of a number of bands (Insted, Chorus Of Disapproval, Outspoken, etc) I had different expectations for this demo expecting more moshy stuff, but I got straight forward hardcore with interesting breakdowns. Lyrically, this isn’t as “militant,” as xChorusx was, but good all around especially “Eulogy.” I look forward to more. BW Bane Holding This Moment Equal Vision Records Bane sort of…
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Parade Brigade Fanzine #2: The Reviews

All three “staff members” did reviews for issue two. BW=Bill Wend, John=John Piorkowski, Ferret=Justin Bragg I got a ton of shit in the weeks before that In My Eyes record came out. I got it in the mail, listened a few times, and posted one morning on the Rev Board that I did not like it. I said it reminded me of Better Than A Thousand and was kind of shitty. I went to class and came back to this huge thread about what a fag/loser/pussy I was. LOL. Oh noes, I didn’t like your precious friend’s band and their…
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Speak 714 Interview Part One

By 1998 I was really falling out of love with the whole “1997” youth crew revival thing. Also, during this time period, as I entered college I began dealing with my own sexuality in a frank and real way for the first time. I was a late bloomer to say the least. The fall of 1997 and spring/summer of 1998 was filled with three very confusing and frustrating relationships where I dealt directly with a lot of what Dan talks about. I didn’t have the emotional or sexual maturity to really engage with them at the time in any meaningful…
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Stick Together-Beware-Born Annoying-Secret Police @ Brick VFW 6-25-12

I needed to go back to the shore while on vacation to see my parents, so it was great I could time this visit with a Monday night show in Brick. My pal Bob Shedd booked this one at the old Brick VFW, one of seemingly numerous VFW halls in Brick, where bands like Breakdown, The Casualties, Righteous Jams, and many others have played over the years. After leaving the shore in an absolute downpour, I got up to Brick and got lost because my GPS crapped out. However, I started recognizing some landmarks and made it to the show…
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Dag Nasty-With Shawn

Dag Nasty Dag With Shawn LP Dischord Records I am long on record as not being a big fan of Dag Nasty. A lot of the things I hate about hardcore begin to trend with their Can I Say record (and Uniform Choice too, but that’s a whole different post). This record contains their earliest record, when Shawn Brown of Swiz fame was their vocalist, before Republican douchebag sellout Dave Smalley took over. Some of this record you’ve likely heard before on the “85-86” CD from the nineties, a collection of Dag Nasty odds and ends. Musically, not much changes…
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Vitality! Introspection 7” It’s The Limit Records Pretty melodic hardcore not unlike later Bold, Ignite, or The Killing Flame. The problem with bands like this is that they just keep getting more “rock” sounding with each progressive release. This is already pretty “rock,” although there are some decent Uniform Choice style riffs in a few songs. I don’t really like this, but if you like the above bands you should check this out.

One Up

Anthony did this interview for the never released Fuck Rock Fanzine in 2002. 1. Who is in the band?  How did you guys start out? One Up is Greg Polard on vocals, Jude Miller on guitar, Donny Mutt on guitar (that’s me), Ryan Rayburn on drums and Brian Cavanaugh on bass. The band started one day when Greg Polard realized that GO TIME was pretty much all but broken up. They just got a new drummer and after playing about 3 shows into a 7 day tour he decided he didn’t want to do the band anymore. A month or…
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It’s Alive Fanzine

I did this one with Fred Hammer over email sometime in the late 90’s. Originally, this was for some issue of the one pager fanzine I did at the time Broken Behind This Wall. *** How long have you been doing It’s Alive? I have been doing It’s Alive Fanzine for about eleven years. My first few issues didn’t have much in the way of content, they were only a few pages. As time went on I started interviewing bands I enjoyed: Scared Straight, Born Against, Outspoken, Gray Matter, No For An Answer, Half Off, Youth of Today, In My…
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