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Signifying Nothing’s Top 100 Hardcore Records Of The 1980’s

Abombanation, Demo Tape, USA, 1988 The Abused, Loud & Clear 7″, USA, 1983 Adolescents, Self Titled LP, USA, 1981 Adrenalin OD, The Wacky Hi-Jinks of Adrenalin OD, USA, 1984 Agent Orange, Your Mother Sucks Cock In Hell 7″, Holland, 1983 Agnostic Front, Victim In Pain LP, USA, 1984 Altercation, Demo Tape, USA, 1988 Anthrax, Capitalism Is Cannibalism 7″, England, 1983 Anti-Cimex, Victims Of A Bomb Raid 7″, Sweden, 1983 Bad Brains, Rock For Light LP, USA, 1983 Battalion Of Saints, Fighting Boys 12″, USA, 1982 Beyond, No Longer At Ease LP, USA, 1988 Black Flag, My War LP, USA, 1983…
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Top 100 Of The Eighties: Hated Youth-Hardcore Rules 7″

Hated Youth Hardcore Rules 7” Burrito Records 1983 (Released in 2000) This record was unreleased until 2000. Hated Youth were from Florida in the early eighties. They played thrashy hardcore like a lot of bands of the era. I am reminded of Gang Green, DRI, and The Neos when I listen to this. This is great stuff! Here is an mp3 of Ted Bundy These songs are posted for sample purposes. I post them so that people can be turned on to cool music and hopefully return the favor for someone else. Each mp3 will be up for one week…
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Society System DeControl

We reprinted this one in Parade Brigade #2. Originally in Touch & Go Fanzine. SS Decontrol come on strong…psychically, mentally, emotionally,…there is nothing halfway about them…their live attack is relentless and can be imposing to the uninitiated…their message is indelibly etched on every scrap of music…they have been branded everything from Neo-Nazis to mindless bullies…protagonists of a “right wing straight edge” philosophy…they seem to feed on the myths, the stereotypes…all the while strengthening the bond that exists between crowd and band…yes as an outsider to the Boston scene this will appear as somewhat conjecture…but I feel strongly that their message…
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