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Best Of 2003

Demo Mind Eraser, Demo Tape, USA, 2003 Running For Cover, Demo Tape, USA, 2003 Justice, Demo Tape, USA, 2003 Get Down, Demo Tape, USA, 2003 Direct Control, Demo Tape, USA, 2003 Shorter Various Artists, Town Of Hardcore #6 7″, International, 2003 No Hope For The Kids, Das Reich 7″, Denmark, 2003 Far From Breaking, The Identity 7″, USA, 2003 Knife Fight, Self Titled 7″, USA, 2003 Annihilation Time, Bad Reputation 7″, USA, 2003 Longer Cold Sweat, Severed Ties 12″, USA, 2003 Avskum, Punkista 12″, USA, 2003 From Ashes Rise, Nightmares 12″, USA, 2003

Best Of 2002

Demo Stop & Think, Edge Day Demo Tape, USA, 2002 In The Red, Demo Tape, USA, 2002 Midnight, Demo Tape, USA, 2002 Knife Fight, Demo Tape, USA, 2002 Call The Police, Demo Tape, USA, 2002 Short Last In Line, Congested 7″, USA, 2002 Knock Down, Self Titled 7″, USA, 2002 The Promise, My True Love 7″, USA, 2002 Disclose, Apocalypse of Death 7″, Japan, 2002 Amdi Petersens Arme, Blod Ser Mere Virkeligt UD Pa Film 7″, Denmark, 2002 Longer Infest, No Man’s Slave 12″, USA, 2002 Calvary, Outnumbered Is Outflanked 12″, USA, 2002 Framtid, Under The Ashes 12″, Japan, 2002…
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Signifying Nothing Top 100 Of The 2000s

9 Shocks Terror, Zen & The Art Of Beating Your Ass LP, USA, 2002 86 Mentality, Self Titled 7″, USA, 2004 2000 Maniacs, State College Hardcore 7″, USA, 2005 ABC Weapons, The Process Of Decay LP, Australia, 2005 Abusive Action, Unbreakable Demo, Netherlands, 2004 Amdi Petersens Arme, Self Titled 7″, Denmark, 2000 Annihilation Time, Self Titled LP, USA, 2003 Avskum, Punkista LP, USA, 2002 Bloodkrow Butcher, Demo, USA, 2009 Born In Hell, Demo Tape, USA, 2004 Breathing Fire, Demo, USA, 2004 Burn, The Last Great Sea 7″, USA, 2002 Call The Police, 1984 In 2004 LP, USA, 2004 Calvary, Outnumbered…
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Reviews For The Week Of July 25th

Mind Eraser at some Scion sponsored gig. I giggled at how DFJ bums out the bouncers. Blessed Offal Self Titled Tape Death metal coming highly recommended by friends who dig this stuff. While a few songs go on forever, Blessed Offal keeps them interesting with enough changes of pace to not lose me. This is pretty good. United Youth Demo Decent 88 style hardcore that goes by in the blink of an eye. I see a lot of potential for an ep. Keep going. Vaccine Crimes In Blood 5″ Painkiller Records I am glad this is a 5″ because there…
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Signifying Nothing Episode Twenty Six

Signifying Nothing Episode Twenty Six Playlist Crucifix-Three Miles To Oblivion Corrosion of Conformity-Happily Ever After AsbestosDeath-Scourge Running For Cover-Hive Morpheme-Hakai Shodo Rest in Pieces-Not Worth Shit Team Dresch-Hate The Christian Right Annihilation Time-Channel 14 Bad Brains-Don’t Need It Saint Vitus-Look Behind You Black Flag-I’ve Had It

Signifying Nothing Episode Alpha

Signifying Nothing Episode Alpha Playlist Bl’ast!-It’s Alive Septic Death-Hardware Annihilation Time-Razor Lion Of Judah-Commodity Abusive Action-Heatseeker Jeasuseater-Your Airstream Future Our Turn-Break The Chain Henry Rollins-Maya Floorpunch-From The Outside Youth of today-Thinking Straight Full Speed Ahead-Assault The Faith-Subject To Change Society System DeControl-Not Normal 411-This Isn’t Me Rain On The Parade-On My Mind By The Grace Of God-Dead Ends Forward To Death-Retro Is Poison Mind Eraser-Chewed Up, Spit Out

Black Flag My War LP SST Records 1983 I first heard My War the summer after my first year of college. My War was exactly what I needed at the time; the brutality, the dense often claustrophobic feeling of the record perfectly captured what I was, and still am, feeling at the time. I listened to this record so often that it became a joke amongst my friends whenever they came over I would have this on my turntable. This is a rather influential record. Bands like Eyehategod, The Melvins, and Annihilation Time are greatly influenced by this record. A…
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Annihilation Time

In 2002 my friend Anthony and I got together to start working on a fanzine called Fuck Rock. Fuck Rock never really got off the ground, but we did a bunch of interviews for it. Anthony interviewed Annihilation Time in November of 02. * 1. Who’s in Annihilation Time, ages, any previous bands? Chris-Bass (Fields Of Fire, Stand Your Ground), Jamie-Guitar (Fields Of Fire), Tony-Drums (In Control, Stand Your Ground), Graham-Guitar (Holier Than Thou?, Fields Of Fire, In Control), Fred-Vocals (Stand Your Ground). * 2. When did you guys start playing together? Our first show was in September of 2001.…
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