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The Story Behind The Never Released On Parade Tape Compilation

I mentioned in the XClaim! interview that Craig and I were working on the compilation. He mentions a bunch of the Australian bands that would have been on it, but I guess I never really brought out too many of the bands I had been courting. Basically, the idea was to do a split tape of American and Australian, and a few European, bands like an old BCT tape. Some bands like Standard Issue and H Street were giving, at the time, exclusive tracks. In My Eyes, Ensign, and Rain On The Parade were going to give some live tracks,…
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Maximum Penalty-Vision-OS 101 at Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ 10-26-96

Because of the last minute nature of us finding out about this show, we had to scramble to get together rides and all of that. We ended up going with Joe from Fists Of Fury’s aunt, who was an ex punk, I think? I remember she was pretty preppie and loved ska. Also she was cute, so everyone in the car acted like idiots all night around her. Ugh. OS 101 (formerly Hogan’s Heroes, sort of) had just recorded this first EP. Being the “hometown” band, I guess, we were, for better or worse, very supportive. I had been given…
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The Business-War Zone-Blanks 77-Cause For Alarm-Blood For Blood @ Wetlands In New York City NY 3-2-97

This was, I think, the first time I went to a show in New York City. I went with a few of the local skinheads, this girl Jessica and her boyfriend Chris, and I think someone else tagged along. They wanted to see The Business; I really wanted to see War Zone. After the hour and a half or so drive from the shore, we met up with some of their friends and a few of mine, who informed us that War Zone were filiming a video at the show (see above). I remember standing on line for a long…
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Show Memories: Fists Of Fury At Some Kid’s House Manahawkin NJ 5-9-97

This Fists of Fury show became rather infamous around town because I got in a lot of trouble for photocopying the flyers at school. I was in media class, bored, so I went and copied some on one of the school’s copiers. I didn’t think much of it because I had done it before and no one seemed to care. I passed out some flyers in school and handed them to a few guys in my class who were kind of on the fringe of the hardcore scene, hoping they would show up. Well, a few periods go by and…
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Fists of Fury

A friend forwarded me this picture a few months ago and a flood of memories came back. Yes, that is me, shirtless (!!!), about to stage dive and the band playing is Fists Of Fury, who were the local hardcore band in our town. Fists of Fury did two (?) demos and sounded like a lot of early 82 NY/DC bands. They covered Cause For Alarm, Minor Threat, etc. This show was sometime in the summer of 1997. They just decided to play in the afternoon and busted it out. I think this is in the backyard of this kid…
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