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March 2012 Reviews

No Tolerance (Full Set) from hate5six on Vimeo. Bad Noids Demo Fast, distorted, hardcore that reminds me a lot of H-100s. This would have fit in really well with that crop of late nineties bands in this vein. I want to hear more. Iron Age The Sleeping Eye LP Tee Pee Records This is Iron Age at their finest. A great combination of their earlier NYHC influenced material with the more recent, more “metal” influences. The songs are fast and heavy without a lot of stupid metal bullshit besides one instrumental interlude style track. Two earlier tracks from their eps are rerecorded as…
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Winter 2012 Reviews

Nomos Demo Great 82 style hardcore from this New York band. There are a lot of modern influences on this band’s demo including Cold Sweat, The Snobs, and other, hey, early 00 bands. I would like to hear more. Our Side Demo Really raw, late eighties, influenced hardcore in the vein of Release, Youth Of Today, and Four Walls Falling. With a better recording, I sense this band could be pretty good. I want to hear more. Pigsticker Demo I really like this demo. Pigsticker reminds me a cross between Circle Jerks and Necros with sloppy, raw, production values that sounds pretty authentic to the early eighties…
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Reviews For The Week Of August 1st

Full Speed Ahead at their reunion show a few months ago. I didn’t even know this happened until I saw the video on YouTube… Boston Strangler Demo Somewhere between Impact Unit and SSD (aka sounds like Fit For Abuse!) comes Boston Strangler. A quick five track demo of ugly 82 hardcore. More soon? Gone But Not Forgotten Seattle Crew Demo Hey, this is pretty good! Somewhere near Confront and Floorpunch, this demo is good Straight Edge hardcore complete with hooded edgeman on the cover. Negative Approach Friends Of No One 7″ Taang Records What is with the cover? A cartoonish…
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Reviews For The Week of July 18th

Talk Is Poison…one of the best bands of the past 15 years… State of Alert No Policy Bootleg LP This is a pretty complete bootleg LP with all of State of Alert’s recorded material. The No Policy 7” on Dischord, the tracks from Flex Your Head, two demos, and a live set. I’ve heard all of this before, but completeists will dig having all of this in one place. Why hasn’t Dischord done a discography for them already?   Various Artists Brutal Supremacy Compilation Double 7″ Painkiller Records The long awaited debut compilation from Painkiller Records does not let down. Mind Eraser and Scapegoat continue to plow through their…
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Dag Nasty-With Shawn

Dag Nasty Dag With Shawn LP Dischord Records I am long on record as not being a big fan of Dag Nasty. A lot of the things I hate about hardcore begin to trend with their Can I Say record (and Uniform Choice too, but that’s a whole different post). This record contains their earliest record, when Shawn Brown of Swiz fame was their vocalist, before Republican douchebag sellout Dave Smalley took over. Some of this record you’ve likely heard before on the “85-86” CD from the nineties, a collection of Dag Nasty odds and ends. Musically, not much changes…
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Honor Role-1982

Honor Role 1982 7″ No Way Records This is a reissue of this Virginia band’s demo from 1982. This is a pretty typical record of the period. If you like early Dischord, Touch & Go, etc you’re gonna really like this. I’m glad this got a reissue, I’ve been looking for a good copy of it for years! Profit Prophets is my favorite song here. While it’s no Religious Vomit, it’s a great eighties style anti-religion/televangelist song. There aren’t enough songs about televangelists anymore.

The Evens

The Evens S/T LP Dischord Records This is Ian Mackaye (you know who he is) and Amy Farina (ex Fire Party)’s new band. The Evens take the quieter, more recent Fugazi songs in a new direction that contains only an acoustic guitar and drums. The songs on this record are stripped down and quiet. This does not mean they are not powerful though; these songs are beautifully written and some of both members’ finest work. I am very interested in how they are playing different spaces and venues than Fugazi, Fire Party, or any of their former bands have. It…
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