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Ferret’s Review: No Statik-We All Die In The End

No Statik We All Die In The End LP Prank Records A strange, but interesting mix of Bay Area style powerviolence, early Bleed maybe, and… I don’t know what the fuck to call it. It’s almost industrial at parts? I’m not into it entirely yet, but I gave it a few listens to be sure. Definitely the singer from Scrotum Grinder, whose voice is insane. It’s difficult to pull off this style and make it sound different, but I think they’ve managed to do so. Worth a listen; make up your own mind.

Born/Dead-Endless War…Repetition

Born/Dead Endless War…Repetition CD Prank Records I wasn’t that familiar with Born/Dead before Prank sent this CD in. This Oakland band play raging crusty hardcore somewhat similar to Deathreat, Midnight, and other bands of that nature. Born/Dead aren’t quite as good as Deathreat but I enjoyed listening to this CD, which collects a few different records including a split with Consume. There is also a pretty awesome Necros cover on here. I would check this one out.

Signal Lost-You’ll Never Get Us Down Again

Signal Lost You’ll Never Get Us Down 7” Prank Records After loving 2004’s Children Of The Wasteland, Signal Lost have come back with four more songs of excellent melodic hardcore. This record reminds me a lot of Husker Du and even some DC emo. If you liked their first LP this is a great progression from that. My only, minor, complaint is that Ashley’s vocals seem to be mixed pretty low. I liked on Children… how her vocals were so high in the mix and really stuck out on the record. Former members of Deathreat and J-Church.

Signal Lost-Children Of The Wasteland

Signal Lost Children Of The Wasteland LP Prank Records Where have I been? I just finally heard this band and I am very impressed. Signal Lost come from Texass and play awesome hardcore in the vein of California bands like Agent Orange and The Adolescents. The 13 songs here are driving and powerful with excellent lyrics, especially on Children Of The Wasteland and Innocent. I can guarantee this will be on my end of the year “best of” list. Prank Records P.O. Box 410892 San Francisco, CA 94141-0892 USA http://www.prankrecords.com/