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Tear It Up-From The Black-A New Enemy @ Old Bridge NJ 9-23-00

I got in a big argument with a professor earlier in the day before going to this show. He said something really sexist about my lab partner and I called him out on it. He got ANGRY and we had it out. My partner was pretty upset, but also kind of mad I made such a big deal out of it. After class I wandered around the mall for a few hours and then drove up to the show. I mostly sulked in the back at this show and pretty much regretted going when I was such a shitty mood.…
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97a-Full Speed Ahead-SOV-To Each His Own-Lost Cause-Forthright @ Asbury Park NJ 9-25-98

This was the record release show for 97a’s “It’s In Our Power” record. Rain On The Parade are on some flyers for this show, but they canceled. I don’t remember a lot about the openers and honestly Full Speed Ahead either. One of my big memories from this show is a few of my friends from college coming out and wrecking people during FSA and 97a. I interviewed 97a at this show along with my friend Carson. I had been wanting to sit down with them for a few years and it was cool to finally do so. I had…
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Shark Attack-The Gatecrashers-Tear It Up-To Each His Own @ M & M Hall Old Bridge NJ 11-18-00

This was, I am pretty sure, Shark Attack’s first show. This was a new band for members of Rain On The Parade and this kid Zack, who was also in Intention and later Smash and Grab and I believe No Warning? I think I had gotten a tape of the demo, so I was pretty amped up to head out to this show. Shark Attack were great and the crowd went off as you can see in the video. They busted out a cover of “Nothing Done,” which is one of my favorite songs. Awesome. I had to really ask…
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Underdog-Floorpunch-To Each His Own-Fahrenheit 451 at The Saint in Asbury Park, NJ December 1998

I remember very little about this show and had to ask a few people to remember much about it. I remember Rat Bones going off hard for Underdog. This was the show I think I first heard about the possibility of Mouthpiece playing some shows, which wouldn’t happen for another few years. Related: Someone in a big band at the time was chatting with a member of Mouthpiece at this show talking about how important Mouthpiece were and that they could really kick start what was starting to be a slowing down hardcore scene in New Jersey. That same person…
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Murphy’s Law-Vision-To Each His Own @ Casino Skate Park In Asbury Park NJ Spring 1999

When I ran into this video on Youtube, I could barely remember this show but could very clearlyv see myself stage diving to both Animosity Overkill and Falling Apart, so I must have been there, right? Then I sort of remembered that this show was with Murphy’s Law and I will trust Ian Smith that it was in 1999 (spring?). What is up with the chin beard on me AND floorpunching backwards at one point? Who knows. I remember Murphy’s Law were really good at this show. They stuck to the hits and did not do any bullshit like play…
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Ensign-To Each His Own-Down In Flames-Running Like Thieves-The First Step @ Brick VFW in Brick, NJ 3-11-01

I definitely went to this show, but I don’t remember a lot about it. This may have been the first time I saw both The First Step and Running Like Thieves. I remember Running Like Thieves doing their usual Bold/Supertouch/etc covers. Speaking of covers, I swear Down In Flames busted out a Full Speed Ahead cover at this show. Anyone remember? Ensign were about to do a new record, as the flyer says, and they had a bunch of new songs. I don’t think I had seen them in awhile and I remember not liking their new songs. That is…
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