Vision-Floorpunch-In My Eyes-Fastbreak-Reach The Sky-OS 101-Cryptic Cookies For Jesus @ New Providence NJ 3-8-98

This show was done by Maggie Rosario. I did a flyer for it with a Sailor Moon background that I only have a cruddy scan for at the moment. My only copy got wrecked when I pulled it off my wall to scan, so I had to take it out of a fanzine. I also helped get Reach The Sky onto this show sometime during that week. Back in the 90s we got so much done via ICQ and AOL Instant Messenger before texting, Skype, etc.

CC4J were a band that got back together to play some shows around this time. They did an excellent demo I would love to have a digital copy of, but no one seems to have it ripped. Members of CC4J went on to be in Spirit, Kurbjaw, and some others. They covered both Raw Deal AND Breakdown. That’s my kind of band!

This was the first time we saw Reach The Sky. I think they only had a demo out? They played a lot of shows in New Jersey over the next few years. I liked them, but was not so much into their later work. Ian was a nice dude and I interviewed him later that year.

This was right around the time Fastbreak took a turn for the worse. They had put out a collection CD around this time that had this hilarious cute picture of them on the back that looked like a pinup pic from some magazine. Their new songs were increasingly melodic and I remember being pretty cautious about them. I gave the record a good review, but definitely felt unsure as I listened to it more. I turned out to be right as they went in this horrible emo/pop punk/bullshit direction soon enough. They were so, so, good for awhile before that though.

In My Eyes came back to New Prov after blowing me away about a year before. Opening with Rock and Roll Part 2….has not held up well….but they were great at this show. I see so many familiar faces in this video. So many broken edges.

This was the first show I remember Floorpunch playing songs that would end up on their LP at. They played what would become “Let It Ride” as an intro. This is also the only time I remember them covering Uniform Choice. I wish there was a soundboard of it because it is a little different from the average FP show.

Vision were great, as always, and got a fantastic reaction from the crowd. During Suspect Device, I ended up on someone’s shoulders and didn’t even realize it was Mickey for a minute.

New Providence was SUCH a long drive home. There were some great shows at that venue though. That Minor Threat shirt I am wearing was so big on me and I normally only wore it over a longsleeve to try and hide its length. I wore running shorts because I had spilled something on my jeans while on campus that day and didn’t have time to do laundry.