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Judas Iscariot-You & I-The State Secedes-Stormshadow-Hope Delusion @ Masonic Temple In Metuchen, NJ 1-31-98

This was obviously a weird show, but I went to this show to talk to The Judas Iscariot about an interview. I really liked them and hoped they would be into it. I worked all day and then drove up to Metuchen, which is about an hour and maybe ten or fifteen from Manahawkin. School work? Nah. Driving on a few hours sleep? Of course! I got some odd reactions from some people who were surprised I was at this show. I remember I hung out with Paul Hanily for awhile. Hope Delusion used to be called Unanswered, who did…
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The Judas Iscariot

I did this interview with The Judas Iscariot for Parade Brigade Fanzine #1. At the time these guys were a pretty interesting band on the scene so I checked them out live. After sitting through about 800 really bad emo bands (like, the ones where people cried on the ground) The Judas Iscariot finally played. A few days later I did this interview. Honestly I’m not a huge fan of this interview. My questions are sort of silly and a few were literally drawn out of a hat. Seriously. Plus they totally get question six wrong. I mean, really, is…
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Parade Brigade #1

This is our personal pages from Parade Brigade #1. Nothing much to say here. The Spazz interview was actually in #1 (but the H-Street interview we mention later on wasn’t, huh?). The Kill Your Idols, Speak 714, Purpose, and Nerve Agents interviews are still unreleased to this day. We never got around to interviewing In My Eyes. Parade Brigade #1 Well, well, a new zine. John and I have combined forces and are now doing a zine together. ITBOAE is dead; not that anyone gives a fuck, but hey why not mention it? I figure fuck, I am the negative…
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