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Ink and Dagger-You and I-Try Fail Try-Purpose @ Asbury Park NJ 8-16-98

This was the second day of a two day fest in Asbury Park. We went back up to this show after I had gone for a bit the day before. I do not have remember any of these bands playing besides Ink & Dagger. A lot of my friends thought it was funny to go off for them like they were Breakdown. It got old after awhile, but it was pretty amusing at the time. I swear I took pictures at this show because we were going to interview Sean (which never happened…more on that in a future post), but…
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Ink & Dagger-Bluetip-Northern Mistep @ TLA Philadelphia PA 8-28-98

This show was super frustrating. Northern Mistep were supposed to be, as the flyer says, ex Swiz and No Escape but I am pretty sure they did not play the show. A few bands played before Bluetip, but I have no idea who they were and just hung out in the crowd. Bluetip did have members of Swiz, but sounded like pretty bland Quicksand style stuff. Every few years I revisit their records and still do not dig them. I did own a shirt for awhile, which I guess I bought at this show, because I have seen pictures of…
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Ink and Dagger-The Icarus Line @ The Melody Bar In New Brunswick NJ Spring 1998

This was The Icarus Line’s first show and I guess they got to be a pretty popular band later on? I do not remember anything out of the ordinary from Ink and Dagger. Justin went off and dove a few times during some song and a bunch of emos bummed out. We went through this phase where we decided to go off for them a lot after this one time where some of those douchey PC types really did not like it. Looking bad, it is pretty dumb, but at the time it was hilarious to us. Sean McCabe and those…
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New America Fanzine

New America Fanzine #7 It is good to see Clif is still around. We used to correspond and trade back in the mid to late 90’s when he also did Vinyl Rights Fanzine. New America is a decent fanzine featuring interviews with Ink & Dagger and Integrity. There is some other content plus record reviews. I like the haphazardly placed cut and paste design. Worth picking up. $2 ppd to Clif Shumaker 980 Meadowlark LN Medina , OH 44256 youfailedme13@aol.com

By The Grace Of God

This interview was done with Tommy in 1998 by this dude Mike McKenna who contributed some content to the fanzines I was doing around that time. * What’s going on in Louisville? Right now Louisville is doing just fine. We are going through a stage right now where a lot of great new hardcore, punk, and indie rock bands are coming out of the woodwork. Some great new bands you should check out are: Five Times Fast Flight 19 The Aasee Lake Automatic Tri-tet Half Seas Over The Dangers Espionage …just to name a few. The only thing that kind…
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Parade Brigade #2 Intro Bust

These are our personal pages from Parade Brigade #2. Again, mine is very brief. #2 All I have to say is it’s good to be back! It has been a really long time between issues, shit happens, things just get in the way. In the future we will hopefully be doing this more often. Things have been hectic and priorities change. I can no longer spend 24/7 on hardcore even though I somehow get sucked into doing it sometimes. Hardcore is in my blood, this is the kind of thing which will keep me involved in the scene. I love…
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