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Henry Rollins Band at Theater Of Living Arts in Philadelphia, PA 6-16-03

I would have gone to any benefit gig Rollins did for the West Memphis Three, but the added incentive of The Rollins Band busting out a set of Black Flag songs was great. Jim Lundy and I headed out to this show. I remember being pretty amped up for this one. A lot of friends went and there were many old timers there too. A friend kept pointing out members of old New Jersey and Philadelphia bands, which was cool. I have no idea who opened up. We got into the gig right as the band that was opening wrapped…
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Triple Threat

Interview was conducted during March of 2007 by Justin Bragg. Originally, this interview would have been published in Quick Fix Magazine. Photos by Fred Hammer and Brian Froustet. *** JB: Ok, so lets get the formalities out of the way- who is who and what do they play? Tim McMahon – Vocals, Ed McKirdy – Guitar, Jason Jammer – Drums, Tim Kriependorf – bass *** JB: You guys are obviously going for a different style when compared to your previous bands.  Vocally, I noticed you were trying something different as well.   Was this intentional?  I mean, when I first heard…
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Signifying Nothing Episode Alpha

Signifying Nothing Episode Alpha Playlist Bl’ast!-It’s Alive Septic Death-Hardware Annihilation Time-Razor Lion Of Judah-Commodity Abusive Action-Heatseeker Jeasuseater-Your Airstream Future Our Turn-Break The Chain Henry Rollins-Maya Floorpunch-From The Outside Youth of today-Thinking Straight Full Speed Ahead-Assault The Faith-Subject To Change Society System DeControl-Not Normal 411-This Isn’t Me Rain On The Parade-On My Mind By The Grace Of God-Dead Ends Forward To Death-Retro Is Poison Mind Eraser-Chewed Up, Spit Out

Black Flag My War LP SST Records 1983 I first heard My War the summer after my first year of college. My War was exactly what I needed at the time; the brutality, the dense often claustrophobic feeling of the record perfectly captured what I was, and still am, feeling at the time. I listened to this record so often that it became a joke amongst my friends whenever they came over I would have this on my turntable. This is a rather influential record. Bands like Eyehategod, The Melvins, and Annihilation Time are greatly influenced by this record. A…
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Newz U Can Uze

Holy crap, a lot of Newz U Can Uze After a couple years of work, Bridge Nine Records is going to be putting out the Schism Fanzine book. I have not had originals of the Schism issues in a couple years, so I am excited to check it out again. In sort of Schism related news, Ronny Little has a new interview with Alex Brown up about Schism’s precursor Loveseat. Porcell is now playing guitar for Bold yet again. I am not really a fan, but good luck to those guys. I am looking forward to the Generations compilation on…
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Henry Rollins-Live At Luna Park

Henry Rollins Live At Luna Park DVD  The idea for this one was for Henry to appear at Luna Park each Wednesday for a month. Each time he was to present a completely different show and the “best of” would be compiled for this DVD. For a person like Henry who talks for a long time (over three hours last time I saw him!) it would be very interesting to come up with new stuff each week. There is some great stuff on here. Some highlights include-  Henry talks about working on Batman Beyond. His description of older Bruce’s deep…
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