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The First Step-Triple Threat-Pulling Teeth @ New Hope PA 1-14-07

A few weeks before I began graduate school, we headed out to New Hope to see this show. Triple Threat covered a No For An Answer song at this show, which was a little different from what they normally did and that was cool. I had never heard Pulling Teeth before and thought they bit on Integrity pretty hard but with some modern influences that kind of worked. Justin loved them. The First Step were fine, but the small audience kind of hampered those kinds of bands I think. Justin interviewed Pulling Teeth and that interview and my pictures appeared in Quick…
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Running Like Thieves-The First Step @ Garfield NJ 2-16-02

John and I got ALL the Garfield jokes out on the way up to this show. Garfield is *quite* a hike from Manahawkin, so I am not so sure what really compelled us to go so far for bands we only kind of liked. I think part of it was this weird desperation to feel a connection, at least for me, to the hardcore scene, which I felt like I was quickly losing. I had just started my first “adult” job and was taking night classes, a lot of which I slept through. During this time period, I had horrible…
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Ensign-To Each His Own-Down In Flames-Running Like Thieves-The First Step @ Brick VFW in Brick, NJ 3-11-01

I definitely went to this show, but I don’t remember a lot about it. This may have been the first time I saw both The First Step and Running Like Thieves. I remember Running Like Thieves doing their usual Bold/Supertouch/etc covers. Speaking of covers, I swear Down In Flames busted out a Full Speed Ahead cover at this show. Anyone remember? Ensign were about to do a new record, as the flyer says, and they had a bunch of new songs. I don’t think I had seen them in awhile and I remember not liking their new songs. That is…
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This Is Hardcore 2013

t seems that I make an annual trek now to This Is Hardcore for at least one of the days. A few of my friends went to see Tragedy the night before, but I had to wrap up grading for a summer class so I could not go. I wanted to clear out grading so I had the weekend to myself so I could see Judge. I thought I left for the show early enough to catch World War IV, but some traffic miscues and finding parking meant I only caught their last two or three songs. They sounded good…
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Triple Threat

Interview was conducted during March of 2007 by Justin Bragg. Originally, this interview would have been published in Quick Fix Magazine. Photos by Fred Hammer and Brian Froustet. *** JB: Ok, so lets get the formalities out of the way- who is who and what do they play? Tim McMahon – Vocals, Ed McKirdy – Guitar, Jason Jammer – Drums, Tim Kriependorf – bass *** JB: You guys are obviously going for a different style when compared to your previous bands.  Vocally, I noticed you were trying something different as well.   Was this intentional?  I mean, when I first heard…
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The First Step-What We Know

The First Step What We Know LP Rivalry Records I’ve always been pretty lukewarm towards The First Step. Live I have always enjoyed them but on record they are pretty flat sounding. Maybe it is my growing boredom with this style? Well, much like Tragedy last week, this is a record that has been hyped to death. Add that to the fact that Wally from Gorilla Biscuits produced it has left the kids salivating for this one. Well, Wally producing a record does nothing for because that dude hasn’t done anything I like since about 1990 or so. Doesn’t he…
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