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Floorpunch-Down To Nothing-Invasion-Righteous Jams-Mind Eraser-Bracewar-Get Real-Staring Problem @ Stelton Church Edison NJ 1-16-10

When Floorpunch started playing gigs again, I kept missing them because of school and then work. This show was originally supposed to be in December, but a big snow storm the day of the show postponed it for a month or so. I got so lost going to this show. I missed my exit on the Turnpike and had to drive around in a circle for about 20 minutes before figuring it out. I missed a few bands, but got there just as Mind Eraser began playing and I watched them from the back of the room. They opened with…
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Stick Together-Beware-Born Annoying-Secret Police @ Brick VFW 6-25-12

I needed to go back to the shore while on vacation to see my parents, so it was great I could time this visit with a Monday night show in Brick. My pal Bob Shedd booked this one at the old Brick VFW, one of seemingly numerous VFW halls in Brick, where bands like Breakdown, The Casualties, Righteous Jams, and many others have played over the years. After leaving the shore in an absolute downpour, I got up to Brick and got lost because my GPS crapped out. However, I started recognizing some landmarks and made it to the show…
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Signifying Nothing Podcast January 7th 2012

United Youth-Fuck Your Standards (Demo) Vaccine-Patriot (Crime In Blood) Infest-Break The Chain (Slave) Lethal Aggression-Newcaster Lies (Life Is Hard…But That’s No Excuse…) Staring Problem-Scattered Pieces (Pissed Human Dick) Give-Life Unknown (Self Titled) Bl’ast!-Look Into Myself (The Power Of Expression) Crow-Occupied Japan (Vertigo) Cro Mags-Do Unto Others (Age Of Quarrel) The Rival Mob-Raw Life (Raw Life) Black Flag-I’ve Heard It Before (Blasting Concept Volume One) Mauser-New Threat (End Of The Line) No Hope For The Kids-Cold Touch of Death (Angels of Destruction) Overkill-Hell’s Getting Hotter (Blasting Concept Volume One) Hatred Surge-Brutal Supremacy (Brutal Supremacy) Siege-Conform (Demo) Siege-Walls (Cleanse The Bacteria) Siege-Grim…
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Staring Problem-Pissed Human Dick Tape

Staring Problem Pissed Human Dick Tape Some old friends get together (former members of, amongst others, Get Real and Ensign), to play raging Bl’ast!/Black Flag style hardcore. Like many recent bands from the shore, this sound is accentuated with some pretty vicious mosh parts. I’ve ended up missing these guys play over and over the past few years, but this summer I’d love to check them out.

Signifying Nothing Episode Twenty Four

Signifying Nothing Episode Twenty Four Playlist Underdog-Underdog Blitz-New Age Eyeball-In Control Black Flag-Drinking & Driving Saint Vitus-Darkness White Cross-The Speed of The Presses Double Negative-Retro Abortion Cause For Alarm-United Races Staring Problem-Terminal State Out Cold-Brainwashed The Guns-Locked Inside Zero Boys-Civilizations Dying Show Notes Saint Vitus from Decibel Magazine is not completely available online. I refuse to link to websites like that.

Staring Problem-Demo

Staring Problem Demo This is a few years old, but I wanted to get a review in. Former members of Ensign, Tear It Up, Robot Whales, and The Break get together to play Bl’ast!/Corrosion of Conformity inspired hardcore. The songs on this demo are really heavy and burly, reminding me a lot of Animosity era COC. They have a full length record out now on Indecision Records you should check out.