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Blind Society-Fast Times-GI Schmoe-Rise Above-Three Against One-ADD-Inside Fight @ Toms River NJ 1-22-99

I have too big memories of this show: Hanging out at a variety of band tables as the night went on and being very social with people is one. Second is Three Against One covering War Zone, which got a big crowd reaction as you can see on the video. ADD was another cool band that did a good demo at this time. I saw them a few times right around this era.

ADD-Blind Society-Heatseekers-OS 101 in Waretown NJ 1998/99???

Yet another 1998 or 1999? Who knows! This show was on a Friday night because I remember working and then going up to the show. ADD was an all lady band who played pretty cool 1982 style hardcore. They had a demo I think? I remember seeing Jessica and Sarah around a lot at shows. Heatseekers was a local skinhead band with some kids from the generation after mine in Manahawkin. They did a False Justice cover and when the mosh part hit everyone went off. Some dude started hitting people and I shoved him. Suddenly one of the members…
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Kill Your Idols-Ten Yard Fight-Tears of Frustration-Blind Society at Stewart’s Root Beer in Manahawkin, NJ Summer 1999

This show was actually sort of imfamous because Ten Yard Fight apparently broke up a day or two before the show (and would play a final show at the idiotic “Edge Day” thing later in the year). Kill Your Idols also cancelled at the last minute, which I ended up fielding a bunch of calls about. I think my phone number got attached to the show contact info somehow? I showed up to the show after work and caught a few of Tears of Frustration’s songs. I remember they were playing a War Zone cover as I parked, which was…
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