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Signifying Nothing Top 100 Of The 2000s

9 Shocks Terror, Zen & The Art Of Beating Your Ass LP, USA, 2002 86 Mentality, Self Titled 7″, USA, 2004 2000 Maniacs, State College Hardcore 7″, USA, 2005 ABC Weapons, The Process Of Decay LP, Australia, 2005 Abusive Action, Unbreakable Demo, Netherlands, 2004 Amdi Petersens Arme, Self Titled 7″, Denmark, 2000 Annihilation Time, Self Titled LP, USA, 2003 Avskum, Punkista LP, USA, 2002 Bloodkrow Butcher, Demo, USA, 2009 Born In Hell, Demo Tape, USA, 2004 Breathing Fire, Demo, USA, 2004 Burn, The Last Great Sea 7″, USA, 2002 Call The Police, 1984 In 2004 LP, USA, 2004 Calvary, Outnumbered…
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Floorpunch-Down To Nothing-Invasion-Righteous Jams-Mind Eraser-Bracewar-Get Real-Staring Problem @ Stelton Church Edison NJ 1-16-10

When Floorpunch started playing gigs again, I kept missing them because of school and then work. This show was originally supposed to be in December, but a big snow storm the day of the show postponed it for a month or so. I got so lost going to this show. I missed my exit on the Turnpike and had to drive around in a circle for about 20 minutes before figuring it out. I missed a few bands, but got there just as Mind Eraser began playing and I watched them from the back of the room. They opened with…
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Title Fight-Get Real-Night Birds-Full Speed Ahead-Stick Together-The Little Rascals-Blind Justice-Heavy Chains-Krust-Stag Party @ Howell NJ 6-28-14

When Bob Shedd puts on a gig, you know it is going to be good. Full Speed Ahead are playing a few shows this summer. I missed their last reunion gig in 2006 (?), so I knew I had to head out to this show. This was also my first gig of the year. One of the great things about living in Mount Holly is the commute. To either of our main campuses, it is basically 15 minutes each way. This is great during the school year; many of my colleagues have very short drives to one campus and then…
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Vision-Get Real in Waretown 8-20-04

This show was at some BBQ in their special event room or something. It was really weird. I had spent the afternoon writing two position papers to wrap up a course at Stockton and then hooked up with Dave Flynn and this dude Mike we hung out with to drive the 15 minutes or whatever to Waretown. This show happened just as Signifying Nothing was taking off, so I took some pictures of Get Real. They were cool and we were friends with all those dudes. Vision were cool at this show even though not that many people were there.…
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Underdog-Cold World-Get Real-My Turn To Win @ Asbury Lanes 7-24-09

I showed up to this show right around when Get Real were wrapping up their set, so I just hung out in the back with some friends after their set and during Cold World’s set. Underdog were kind of shitty at this show I remember. A lot of older dudes were there, drunk, and kind of dancing like assholes. This is the same bullshit that wrecks some Vision shows too. You are so cool to have to dance hard around a bunch of kids half your age. Very courageous, especially after a few beers. Something really funny happened at this…
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Stick Together-Beware-Born Annoying-Secret Police @ Brick VFW 6-25-12

I needed to go back to the shore while on vacation to see my parents, so it was great I could time this visit with a Monday night show in Brick. My pal Bob Shedd booked this one at the old Brick VFW, one of seemingly numerous VFW halls in Brick, where bands like Breakdown, The Casualties, Righteous Jams, and many others have played over the years. After leaving the shore in an absolute downpour, I got up to Brick and got lost because my GPS crapped out. However, I started recognizing some landmarks and made it to the show…
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Show Review: Supertouch @ Asbury Lanes 2-3-12

I haven’t seen Supertouch since the middle of the nineties or so, so I was pretty excited about seeing them. Especially since it was an all ages show as well. I’ve heard mixed reviews of recent Supertouch gigs, but checking some videos on Youtube made it seem like they were tight and played all the classics people in New Jersey want to hear. After a day of teaching, I went home and ate dinner and then hung out for a few hours before making the hourish trek up to Asbury Park. I missed a few of the openers, including Born…
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Staring Problem-Pissed Human Dick Tape

Staring Problem Pissed Human Dick Tape Some old friends get together (former members of, amongst others, Get Real and Ensign), to play raging Bl’ast!/Black Flag style hardcore. Like many recent bands from the shore, this sound is accentuated with some pretty vicious mosh parts. I’ve ended up missing these guys play over and over the past few years, but this summer I’d love to check them out.