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Degenerics-Endeavor-Worthless-Dead Nation-The Illbilly Boys-Bankshot 18 @ Casino Skate Park Asbury Park NJ 6-26-98

So this show was fine and all, but my big memory of it is the night before someone IM’d me claiming to be Matt Molnar and said they would get me on their guest list. I knew Matt pretty well, so I thought this was cool and headed up to the show. He had no idea what I was talking about and it turned out I had been pranked. I could have laughed it off, but I was actually pretty pissed. So three or four years go by and I finally figured out who it was that did it. This…
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Lifetime-Endeavor at Melody Bar in New Brunswick, NJ 11-22-97

I was never a big Lifetime fan for a few reasons. First, certain members of this band were pretty much straight up assholes and I was always pretty turned off by them. Second, a friend of ours growing up used to use Lifetime songs to emote his gross romantic obsessions with a few lady friends of ours. Eww. Nonetheless, I drove up with some friends and then met up with a few other friends of mine at one of their parents house and we were off to New Brunswick. Lifetime played two sets because so many people showed up. I…
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Vision-Killing Time-In My Eyes-Ensign-97a at The Down Under New Brunswick NJ 7-6-97

I went to this show with CJ I think, but my memory is a little hazy. Floorpunch was supposed to also play this show, but they canceled because Zev was on tour with Endeavor. I know they played a few shows with Little Dave or Zusi on bass, but this one got canceled. Instead, after a few openers, we got a surprise three song set by In My Eyes, which included a Uniform Choice cover. Is there a video? I am probably all over that. 97a played as well. I think their 12″ had just come out. I do not…
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