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Tragedy @ First Unitarian Church In Philadelphia PA 8-13-04

John and I weren’t at this show for very long. We only wanted to see Tragedy and we bailed right after they finished. I do not remember any of the other bands that played except for World Inferno Friendship Society and maybe Witch Hunt. I do remember I met Al Quint from Suburban Voice Fanzine for the first time in person at this show. I had known him for years from the internet, but it was nice to hang out with him for a bit before Tragedy played. Tragedy were awesome and played a good mix of their albums. They…
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Fit For Abuse

This interview was originally in Parade Brigade #3. Thanks to Scooter Kane for originally hooking me up with Matt Kelly to do this. * What is going on with Fit For Abuse? I heard you are doing a record with My War Records? We’re starting the recording process on Wednesday March 7th, which will be released on My War Records, yeah. It’ll be a 12” 45 rpm type thing with about fourteen songs (none of which were on the 7”). We’ll probably end up finishing up in late April or early May when Pat and I get back from tour.…
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We reprinted this one in Parade Brigade #2. Originally in Suburban Punk Fanzine. A relatively new band on the local scene is Siege. Although they haven’t done a Boston gig yet, this intense 4 piece have been making waves with their aggressive, gripping live shows in Western Mass. and Providence. They have a 6-song demo out now, done at Radiobeat in February. Siege’s sound could be likened to a train going around a curve at top speed, about to derail but never quite going completely out of control and going off the track. Andy and I talked to Siege outside…
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My friend Carson and I did this interview in the parking lot of the Casino Skate Park in 1999. The It’s In Our Power record had just came on and 97a played a great show with Full Speed Ahead. I really dove into the 97a vault to ask questions about demo songs and a lot of stuff they had not been playing in a bunch of years. Originally in Parade Brigade #1 *** Bill-I guess first off who is in 97a and all? Chris-Chris, vocals Clint-Clint, Bass Todd-Todd, Guitar Chris-Rob’s not here but he’s our drummer now *** Bill-You guys…
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