OS 101

We did this in December of 1996…

Ian: Our ex drummer interview Faith No More for Sassy Magazine, kid from Friendly Fire…that’s a little history on me.

BW: Oh, wow.

Ian: I came from The Cause to Friendly Fire to Baxter to Hogan’s Heroes

BW: With Jay Fisher

Ian: …and being friends with Brian Strahle and all the crew from down there and having seen Hogan’s Heroes a million times, he decided to ask me when they needed a bass player.

Skip: Johnny moved from bass to guitar

BW: Well the record is coming out in February, but we already have it as you have seen…

Skip: Yeah it’s cool you guys were singing along full on

BW: I got a copy of it and they all showed up at my door with tapes in hand…

Skip: That’s like the best to see words you wrote…

BW: I was reading the new issue of Hardware Fanzine today and Tim McMahon said he was amazed when so many people knew their songs.

Skip: Yeah it’s all unreleased except for the “bootleg” that has been circulating

Ian: Hey, they were here because of that
Skip-I’m glad because there were a lot more people singing along

BW: The flood of OS101 shirts

Skip: You guys got the original; we changed the logo

BW: So the record will be out in February

Skip: Yeah beginning of February

BW: And you did the photoshoot (turns to Ian) that no one invited me to

Ian: I told my brother to call everyone

Skip: We even specifically told Ian to make sure the boys came

Ian: I told him

BW: I woke up and no one called…oh well…

(Dave Franklin walks in and everyone chats with him for a few minutes)

BW: I am going to interview Pete at the next show

Dave Franklin: Oh, good, he is the most responsible member of the band

Skip: It’s good to play with Vision again. We played with them a long time ago as Hogan’s Heroes at Garfield Ave.

Tony: Back when they were Neurotic Impulse

BW: How did you guys hook up with AJ and Resurrection AD?

Skip: I’ve known AJ for a number of years

Ian: Manahawkin Skate Jam

BW: When are you guys going out west?

Skip: We’re doing the midwest with Murphy’s Law

BW: Johnny played bass for them last night

Skip: He played with them at The Pipeline and in Poughkeepsie

BW: Why the change from Hogan’s Heroes to OS101?

Skip: Well, we hit ten years and that’s a nice round number. We grew up as Hogan’s Heroes…we started really young at fifteen, sixteen…We got four new…well, not new people in the band, but got a new vibe. So for identity’s sake, so people wouldn’t be able to say “oh, I was in Hogan’s Heroes,” like six or so people went through Hogan’s Heroes, we’ll still bring back the old songs when we feel like it like we did tonight

Ian: Why are we letting him speak?

Skip: Because you’re sitting bullshitting and jerking each other off

Tony: It’s not Hogan’s Heroes, it’s OS101

BW: I saw a flyer from the eighties when Hogan’s Heroes played with Judge and Alone In A Crowd…

Ian: We have a video of that show…

Skip: I don’t remember…we were sleeping in the backroom at that show…

Tony: Where was it?

Skip: Anthrax in Connecticut with Judge…the one you fucked up your finger skating…I don’t remember them…

Ian: They were horrible but great

Skip: Tony played with a broken ankle once…