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Converge-Indecision-Turmoil-For The Love Of…-Dillinger Escape Plan-You & I-Nora-Try Fail Try @ Edison NJ 10-3-99

This was an odd show for me to go to, so I am so fuzzy on who played this show because I spent a lot of time hanging out with other friends who were randomly at this show too. If you are not from the area, you need to know that people would go to Middlesex just to hang out. I probably did it once or twice myself. I do remember Dillinger Escape Plan because at the end of their set the last song faded out, but then we all heard some familiar drum beats and then suddenly they busted into…
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Devoid Of Faith-Monster X-Hell Child-Dissolve-Human Remains-Malefaction-Unanswered @ Bayville NJ 8-11-95

I ended up meeting a bunch of people I still talk to in 2016 at this show. I had no idea who any of them were at the time, but they are friendships I value to this day. Devoid of Faith and Monster X were gateway bands for me and my friends into a lot of other cool stuff. Hell Child were from Japan. I do not remember a lot about them unfortunately, nor do I remember Dissolve. Human Remains were this incredible metal band from the area. They were pretty influential on a lot of bands that would come…
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Full Speed Ahead-The Explosion-Stag Party-Born Annoying-Defiance Engine-Manalive @ Asbury Park NJ 7-26-14

This was supposed to be a secret show, which was not kept very well, for Bl’ast! on the east coast. They ended up cancelling their tour, but the show goes on with The Explosion replacing them. I debated not going to this show after a few friends bailed on it, but figured I could check out Full Speed Ahead again. The show time apparently got pushed back, so this show ended up going really late. After a dreadful time finding parking, I got to the show before any band had even played. This was going to be a long night.…
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Tied Down-Arcane-Time’s Up-Bloodrust-Tonsul at Bates Lodge in Red Bank, NJ 6-6-96

Crystal and I went to this show and maybe Chris Morris too? She was friends with the dudes in Tied Down, so I think we headed up to this show to check them out. All the bands were video recorded except for Tied Down, who were new school chugga chugga kind of stuff. Let’s say they actually covered Earth Crisis and that is a pretty good description of them. Arcane were noisy, super technical, hardcore that was a few years ahead of the trends. Members of this band were later in Dillinger Escape Plan, which totally makes sense when you…
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Parade Brigade #2 Intro Bust

These are our personal pages from Parade Brigade #2. Again, mine is very brief. #2 All I have to say is it’s good to be back! It has been a really long time between issues, shit happens, things just get in the way. In the future we will hopefully be doing this more often. Things have been hectic and priorities change. I can no longer spend 24/7 on hardcore even though I somehow get sucked into doing it sometimes. Hardcore is in my blood, this is the kind of thing which will keep me involved in the scene. I love…
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