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Kurbjaw (Spirit)-Adventures In Immortality-Unanswered-Mandella Strike Force @ Bayville VFW July 1995

We got flyers for this show and others in Bayville that summer during summer school. I failed driving class (and the first time I took the test!), so I had to go for a week. Our school also took in a few other schools students for summer school, so we had kids from Lacey and a few others. Sometime that week, someone gave me a flyer for these shows. These Bayville shows were done by the guys behind Words Of Honor Fanzine, which was a local Straight Edge fanzine. My prom date was best friends with one of their cousins.…
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Ensign-Good Riddance-Weapon X-Hands Tied-Shutdown-In My Eyes-Fastbreak @ Manville Elks Lodge Manville NJ 8-9-97

This show was one of the big end of summer shows (along with Back To School Jam and the show that Gordo did) as the summer of 1997 began to wind down. We packed a crew into my car (and literally packed lunch) and headed up to the show. Weapon X would play their only show. WX had members of Ensign, Purpose, Kurbjaw, and some others and played pretty generic 1988 hardcore. They covered Turning Point and Judge. I interviewed Nate after the show. Their 7” was released in a limited edition of 200. I ended up with a handful…
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Weapon X

Weapon X was a band who only played one show at the Manville Elks Lodge on August 9th 1997. Members of Weapon X have also been in Ensign, Vision, The Purpose, Black Turns Green, Kurbjaw, A Death In The Family, and some others. I remember the week before Floorpunch, Vision, and 25 Ta Life played the same venue. In fact, Manville would be a consistent venue for a few years after this. Sometimes I really miss the place. It was easy to get to (go around the circle, go up six lights, make a left!), the people who ran it seemed to be really cool, and I always knew no matter what show I…
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