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Mental/Mind Eraser/Get Real/Robot Whales/Little Rascals

Mental/Mind Eraser/Get Real/Robot Whales/Little Rascals May 6th 2005 Brick NJ Dave Flynn and I headed up to Brick for this one. We almost bailed upon finding out that Mind Eraser had canceled, but I am glad we still made the trip. Since it was just the two of us, we took my truck to its first hardcore show in a few years. At this point Dave usually drives so it was actually somewhat cool to drive for once. After dealing with the pouring rain, some crappy directions, and a trip to the mighty Santosa’s for vegan Chinese food, we finally…
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Rain On The Parade

This is the interview I did with Rain On The Parade in April of 1997. Originally in What Was Said Fanzine. 1. Okay, who is in the band and all that crap? My name is Ronnie and I sing. DII plays one guitar. Justin plays the other. Matt jumps around with his bass. Chris just joined the band. He plays drums. 2. Have you guys gotten any shit for the lyrics to Body Bag? You know, with the way all this metal slop has taken over hardcore in the past few years, you’d think we’d catch some slack for writing…
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Newz U Can Uze

Aversion Online recently posted about one of my favorite bands from the mid 90’s, Crown of Thornz. These guys were great live, really heavy and got insane reactions from the crowd. Train Yard Blues is a great record. For awhile once we started getting our driver’s licenses we would go see these guys because we knew they covered The Hardway by Outburst. We only saw them do it once or twice but we always checked them out when they played New Jersey. The new issue of Stop, Look, & Listen Fanzine is out now. Check out their website for more…
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This one originally appeared in Talk Is Cheap Fanzine. *** Can you give us a history of Onward, and what have you been up to lately? Onward were formed in late 1990. In spite of lack of members, equipment, and time we put out a demo in May 1991 that got us a deal with Crucial Response. We got some equipment and a steady lineup after recording our 7”. We toured Europe with Blindfold in August 1992, and in April 1993 we recorded our debut album which is finally out now (also on Crucial Response). The album is 1000 times…
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Ten Yard Fight

I did this one with John Lacroix in the fall of 1996. This was while Anthony was still around; in fact, I believe it may have been a week or two after the Hardcore Pride 7” came out. Originally in What Was Said #1 *** Who is in the band, and what do they play? Wrench-Vocals John-Bass Chris-Guitar Anthony-Guitar Ryan-Drums *** What do you have out and coming out? We did a demo, which we made 700 of and now it’s being repressed on vinyl by SOA Records. We did a 7” called Hardcore Pride on Big Wheel which will…
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