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Agnostic Front-Madball-Crown Of Thornz-25 Ta Life-Corrupt-NJ Bloodline-Fury Of V @ Stone Pony Asbury Park NJ 4-19-97

I heard about Agnostic Front getting back together sometime the previous summer. I had at a gig and someone I knew just randomly threw it into a conversation. I was online by the summer of 96, but besides a few websites and IRC, was more engaged in dorky fan culture and anime stuff while I was online back then, so news had not reached me about this. They played a few shows that winter and then more in the spring, which included a show in DC and then this one in New Jersey. So while a ton of people went…
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Shelter-Downset-H2o-Fury of V at Stone Pony Asbury Park NJ 5-5-96

During the winter of 1995-1996, I did not really go to shows for some reason. I think it was a combination of a lack of rides (I was still 16 and about a year away from having my own car) and starting at my first ever job. Our friend who drove to shows dropped out of high school and went through some pretty serious personal problems around this time, so we had to scramble to get other rides, which led to a lot of missed shows. Shelter came through the area and I drove up this show with Crystal and…
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High School Baking Class

This picture brings back some memories. One of my students this semester asked me about high school pictures of me (it’s a long story how this came up). I spent most of high school ditching any photo ops, including the famed senior portrait, but they did catch me in baking class as you can see below. I am fairly certain that is an old Revelation era Shelter shirt I am wearing. This would have been in the fall of 1996. The two dudes with me are Rob and Anthony, who were both pretty cool. Rob was into a lot of…
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Hands Tied Page

This was the extra page I put out with my Hands Tied interview. I think it still looks pretty cool besides the dumb white background. The interview was done in September of 1997 and came out right after that in the fanzine I was doing at the time. That Shelter show was filmed for a Fox 5 feature on Straight Edge, which there seemed to be endless “special reports” about back at that time.

Parade Brigade Fanzine #2: The Reviews

All three “staff members” did reviews for issue two. BW=Bill Wend, John=John Piorkowski, Ferret=Justin Bragg I got a ton of shit in the weeks before that In My Eyes record came out. I got it in the mail, listened a few times, and posted one morning on the Rev Board that I did not like it. I said it reminded me of Better Than A Thousand and was kind of shitty. I went to class and came back to this huge thread about what a fag/loser/pussy I was. LOL. Oh noes, I didn’t like your precious friend’s band and their…
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This one originally appeared in Talk Is Cheap Fanzine. *** Can you give us a history of Onward, and what have you been up to lately? Onward were formed in late 1990. In spite of lack of members, equipment, and time we put out a demo in May 1991 that got us a deal with Crucial Response. We got some equipment and a steady lineup after recording our 7”. We toured Europe with Blindfold in August 1992, and in April 1993 we recorded our debut album which is finally out now (also on Crucial Response). The album is 1000 times…
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By The Grace Of God

This interview was done with Tommy in 1998 by this dude Mike McKenna who contributed some content to the fanzines I was doing around that time. * What’s going on in Louisville? Right now Louisville is doing just fine. We are going through a stage right now where a lot of great new hardcore, punk, and indie rock bands are coming out of the woodwork. Some great new bands you should check out are: Five Times Fast Flight 19 The Aasee Lake Automatic Tri-tet Half Seas Over The Dangers Espionage …just to name a few. The only thing that kind…
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Hands Tied

I did this one with Tim from Hands Tied in September of 1997. Pictures by me and Casey Kulas. What is the history of Hands Tied and what is the current lineup now? Hands Tied started around the same time Mouthpiece was calling it quits. I guess it was sometime early summer 1996. Hands Tied was an idea that came up during the 1995 Mouthpiece summer tour. At the time, we knew that Mouthpiece was going to be coming to an end soon. Matt, the guitarist from Mouthpiece, Ed the Mouthpiece roadie, and myself (Tim) all talked about starting a…
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25 Ta Life

I did this interview with Rick Healey of the band 25 Ta Life via mail in June of 1996 *** What are the band members names? Beto-GuitarRick-Vocals Harry-Drums Warren-Bass Fred-Guitar *** How long have you guys been together? 25 Ta Life first started in February of 1993 after I went on tour with Agnostic Front. I came back from the tour, Agnostic Front was breaking up, and I wanted to start a band similar to Agnostic Front; a band about the scene, about sticking together, to educate the kids, to motivate people, and get them active doing fanzines, helping each…
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