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These never went up last year I guess… Magic Circle Scream Evil People from the usual Boston bands come together to do this two song single of Late seventies and early eighties inspired Black Sabbath style metal. This reminds me a lot of the excellent Dio era record The Mob Rules. I have heard there is an LP out now? Manpig The Grand Negative Deep Six Records I love being proven wrong in hardcore, and the fact that this long rumoured record finally has happened is a great example of this. Manpig has been a legendarily rumoured band as long…
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Slayer-Hatebreed @ Convention Hall In Asbury Park NJ 1-25-02

Sort of randomly, I decided to go see Slayer early in 2002. Honestly, I do not remember how this happened but Jim Lundy and I drove up and were surprised to find Hatebreed was playing too. I was never a big fan of Hatebreed, but I checked them out and they were fine. I ran into a few shitheads from high school who were way into Hatebreed, brah. It was pretty cool that they had Judge rip off shirts, although nowadays tons of bands do and it is pretty stupid. Slayer were…Slayer. They played all the hits and the crowd…
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Rain On The Parade

This is the interview I did with Rain On The Parade in April of 1997. Originally in What Was Said Fanzine. 1. Okay, who is in the band and all that crap? My name is Ronnie and I sing. DII plays one guitar. Justin plays the other. Matt jumps around with his bass. Chris just joined the band. He plays drums. 2. Have you guys gotten any shit for the lyrics to Body Bag? You know, with the way all this metal slop has taken over hardcore in the past few years, you’d think we’d catch some slack for writing…
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This interview was originally in Maximum Rock N Roll #100. This would have been reprinted in issue #2 of Not Normal Fanzine Interview May 10, 1991.  Present were Nick (Guitar), Keith (guitar), Charles (vocals), seminal guitarist Jon Hiltz, and Wardance label magnate Fred Alva.  Interview by Sam Mcpheeters.  MRR: There seems to be a big discrepancy between the earlier material you all recorded for several comps-Evacuate’s Look At All The Children Now, and Irate’s Forever 7”-and the sound that you got on the album.  It sounds like two different bands… Charles: The person we recorded the earliest stuff with, Don…
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Henry Rollins-Live At Luna Park

Henry Rollins Live At Luna Park DVD  The idea for this one was for Henry to appear at Luna Park each Wednesday for a month. Each time he was to present a completely different show and the “best of” would be compiled for this DVD. For a person like Henry who talks for a long time (over three hours last time I saw him!) it would be very interesting to come up with new stuff each week. There is some great stuff on here. Some highlights include-  Henry talks about working on Batman Beyond. His description of older Bruce’s deep…
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