Vision @ Pomona NJ December 12-13-02

So I could go to class all day and then see Vision at night? Awesome! On Fridays that semester, I only had one class (a seminar on Homer), so after it finished (2pm?) I left campus for a bit, probably to the Barnes and Noble down the road by the mall, and then came back to campus to have dinner with a friend and then head to the gig. It was weird walking across campus and recognizing the cars of some friends parked on campus.

A few bands played before Vision, but I hung out with friends and then met up with the locals. Some random Stockton people showed up, but mercifully none of my more “normal” friends I had begun making at college. I kept dreading this young lady I hung out with would walk in, but she did not. It was not that I was embarrassed by hardcore, or whatever, but I had reached that point where I wanted everything pretty differentiated.

Vision were great and played all the usual songs plus a Stiff Little Fingers cover. A lot of the Manahawkin crew were constantly in the pit and everyone seemed to have a good time.

On the way out, I caught up with a few friends and then walked across campus (I had not moved my car from the morning…whoops) in some moderately heavy rain. I remember thinking of going back to campus to see if said lady friend was around, but I decided to just bail out and head home.