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Sick Of It All-Ensign-Candiria-Indecision-IDK-Clubber Lang @ Edison NJ 6-6-99

I got in a brief scuffle during Sick Of It All’s set at this show. It was stupid and really bummed out afterwards because a few “friends” kind of distanced themselves from me. Whatever. In the summer of 99, I was so miserable and really falling apart. I don’t want to go into it too deeply on here, but right around this time was one of the lowest points in my life. I forget why, but during Ensign’s set a lot of people wore Strength 691 shirts. I guess because of Nate? I didn’t watch any of the other bands…
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Matt Leveton Benefit 1999

The first ever benefit for Matt Leveton was in January 1999. Matt used to book shows at Manville and got seriously hurt in a car crash. These shows were a really big deal at the time and a nice showing of what can happen when the hardcore scene comes together for something good. The first day was highlighted by a reunion show for Strength 691. I remember seeing a lot of people who I had not seen in a few years, which is an odd feeling when you are 19, and hung around catching up with a lot of people.…
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