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Ensign-Good Riddance-Weapon X-Hands Tied-Shutdown-In My Eyes-Fastbreak @ Manville Elks Lodge Manville NJ 8-9-97

This show was one of the big end of summer shows (along with Back To School Jam and the show that Gordo did) as the summer of 1997 began to wind down. We packed a crew into my car (and literally packed lunch) and headed up to the show. Weapon X would play their only show. WX had members of Ensign, Purpose, Kurbjaw, and some others and played pretty generic 1988 hardcore. They covered Turning Point and Judge. I interviewed Nate after the show. Their 7” was released in a limited edition of 200. I ended up with a handful…
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Best of 2015

LP No Tolerance-You Walk Alone Vaaska-Todos Contra Todos Into Another-Omens Violent Reaction-Marching On Constant Fear-DroneKill EP Aggression Pact-Self Titled Ajax-Self Titled The Flex-Don’t Bother With The Outside World 2 x 4-Self Titled Udusic-Self Titled Demo/Promo Intent-Promo Tape Protester-Paincave Session Combatant-Demo Reissues Agnostic Front-No One Rules Leeway-Born To Expire Siege GISM-Determination John Coltrane-A Love Supreme: The Complete Masters Live I only attended two shows this year, but one of them was Breakdown and the other was Floorpunch/Cro-Mags.

Reviews For The Week of August 15th

A 1965 performance of Naima by John Coltrane.   Antidote Thou Shalt Not Kill 7″ Bridge 9 Records Along with Infest, when I got into hardcore there wasn’t another band talked about in such mysterious and hushed tones as Antidote. The record was expensive, but the music was great. There was a bootleg 12″ of it with other early NYC eps (Cause For Alarm, The Abused and either The Mob or Urban Waste), but for most people, this was a record to get on tape, which I had a really nice dub from a virtually mint copy in 1997. Obviously,…
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John Coltrane-At Temple University

John Coltrane At Temple University 1966 I have had a bit of this gig on tape for years, but it’s to have the whole thing together finally. This is one of Coltrane’s final gigs in Philadelphia. This is at his height of unhinged free jazz with a gnarly version of Naima and equally raging versions of Crescent and Leo. Jimmy Garrison and Rashied Ali (Replaced by his brother Mohammad) aren’t on this, but the band sounds great nevertheless. This isn’t an absolutely essential Coltrane performance, and better ones are available through reissues or traders, but it is worth checking out.

Absolution Reunion

For the first time in a very long time I drove up to this show with my friend John. We hit a ton of rain on the way up but, thankfully, by the time we got to New York City it was gone besides some lightning. John and I caught up on what each other was up to and laughed at the antics of the world around us. On the way up we listened to Dave K’s 1988-1990 NYHC mix. Upon arriving in Hoboken and trying to find a parking spot for probably around twenty to thirty minutes I quickly…
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I interviewed Uprise at Fieldsboro on January 4th 1997 during either Floorpunch or Ten Yard Fight’s set. I think it was Ten Yard Fight actually, because I was angry we missed Floorpunch on the way home. My ride wanted to leave early for some insane reason. To miss Floorpunch?!? The lowest blow had to be having to listen to The Descendents on the whole ride home. Yeah I really want to hear Silly Girl while we drive in the opposite direction of the best band in hardcore. Thankfully, I got a car a few months later. Interview is with Matt,…
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