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Hands Tied Page

This was the extra page I put out with my Hands Tied interview. I think it still looks pretty cool besides the dumb white background. The interview was done in September of 1997 and came out right after that in the fanzine I was doing at the time. That Shelter show was filmed for a Fox 5 feature on Straight Edge, which there seemed to be endless “special reports” about back at that time.

Better Than A 1000-In My Eyes-Speak 714-Good Clean Fun-Battery at YWCA Philadelphia PA 7-12-98

Fresh off working 15 days straight because my burn out boss couldn’t get it together to hire someone else, I headed to Philadelphia to check out the Revelation Records rehash tour heading through America during the summer of 1998. I kind of didn’t like most of these bands, but we wanted to see In My Eyes and interview Dan O Mahoney, so off we went. I remember absolutely nothing about Battery, but I think Good Clean Fun jumped on after them. They had just put out their demo, so the, uh, “joke” was pretty fresh at this point, which would…
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Ferret’s Review: Outlast-Take Control

Outlast Take Control 7″ Bottled Up Records A Straight Edge band from New Jersey that sounds like Youth of Today– what is this, 1997?  Despite the sarcasm, this is not at all bad.  They remind me more of Committed or Ten Yard Fight than Floorpunch.  Gang style backups, nice breakdowns, and posi lyrics throughout.  Just wish they were more creative with their song titles; they sound a bit generic.  For what they do, they do it well. Favorite track = “Power for Change”.

Smash & Grab

Pictures courtesy of Start Today Fanzine (Nice Hardware Fanzine shirt on me) This show was hyped up for awhile as I recall. Smash & Grab was the new band for three members of Floorpunch together with members of Shark Attack and American Nightmare. Yeah, we were pretty curious. Bane and No Warning also played along with a couple others. I think I headed to this show with Jay Fisher and maybe Jim Lundy and a few other friends of ours. Smash & Grab had shirts for sale before they played and I got a chance to catch up with a…
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Loud & Clear-Self Titled

Loud & Clear Self Titled LP Powered Records Loud & Clear are a new band with members of Dead Stop & Justice. Not surprisingly based on their namesake, Loud & Clear remind me a lot of The Abused and later 1980’s Straight Edge hardcore like Youth of Today and Brotherhood. Incidentally this also reminds me a bit of the XClaim! demo I helped distribute/put out back in the late nineties. In an era of slick youth crew bands with absolutely no substance this record is pretty raw sounding. This record is exactly what this genre should be sounding like in…
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The First Step-What We Know

The First Step What We Know LP Rivalry Records I’ve always been pretty lukewarm towards The First Step. Live I have always enjoyed them but on record they are pretty flat sounding. Maybe it is my growing boredom with this style? Well, much like Tragedy last week, this is a record that has been hyped to death. Add that to the fact that Wally from Gorilla Biscuits produced it has left the kids salivating for this one. Well, Wally producing a record does nothing for because that dude hasn’t done anything I like since about 1990 or so. Doesn’t he…
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Project X-NYC Straight Edge

Project X NYC Straight Edge CD Bridge 9 Records This is the long awaited reissue of the Project X record by Bridge 9. This record has been bootlegged many times and it is great to finally see an official reissue out there. Musically, I mean, this is probably my favorite straight edge record ever. Totally ignorant 82 style hardcore with ridiculous, and yet pretty awesome, lyrics. I think Shutdown is a pretty important song. My only beef here is that there is only 1 live song tacked on and it’s the same one that is on that shitty Lost &…
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Top 100 Of The Eighties: White Cross-Fascist 7″

White Cross Fascist 7” Zero Degree Records I first heard this record in 1998 when a friend made me a tape with a bunch of 82 era hardcore records on it. White Cross really stuck out at me for their brutality and rawness. This record is on par with some of the best records from Italy and Scandinavia. These short bursts of hardcore are an essential part of a collection. There is also a White Cross LP, but I don’t think it is that great. A CD with all of this plus more was released on Grand Theft Audio a…
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Rain On The Parade

This is the interview I did with Rain On The Parade in April of 1997. Originally in What Was Said Fanzine. 1. Okay, who is in the band and all that crap? My name is Ronnie and I sing. DII plays one guitar. Justin plays the other. Matt jumps around with his bass. Chris just joined the band. He plays drums. 2. Have you guys gotten any shit for the lyrics to Body Bag? You know, with the way all this metal slop has taken over hardcore in the past few years, you’d think we’d catch some slack for writing…
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Weapon X

Weapon X was a band who only played one show at the Manville Elks Lodge on August 9th 1997. Members of Weapon X have also been in Ensign, Vision, The Purpose, Black Turns Green, Kurbjaw, A Death In The Family, and some others. I remember the week before Floorpunch, Vision, and 25 Ta Life played the same venue. In fact, Manville would be a consistent venue for a few years after this. Sometimes I really miss the place. It was easy to get to (go around the circle, go up six lights, make a left!), the people who ran it seemed to be really cool, and I always knew no matter what show I…
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