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No Bullshit Volume Four

No Bullshit Volume Four No Way Records The No Bullshit compilation series has offered a great group of bands over the years. The most recent, volume four, edition is a bit of a step down from previous entries in this series, but still has some exceptional tracks. The primary highlights on this edition include Citizen’s Patrol and Violent Arrest. I need to find out more about those bands.

Honor Role-1982

Honor Role 1982 7″ No Way Records This is a reissue of this Virginia band’s demo from 1982. This is a pretty typical record of the period. If you like early Dischord, Touch & Go, etc you’re gonna really like this. I’m glad this got a reissue, I’ve been looking for a good copy of it for years! Profit Prophets is my favorite song here. While it’s no Religious Vomit, it’s a great eighties style anti-religion/televangelist song. There aren’t enough songs about televangelists anymore.

Government Warning-No Way Out

Government Warning No Way Out 7” No Way Records I really like this record. Government Warning (great name!) play snotty early eighties styled hardcore in the vein of stuff like The Necros & Hated Youth. I could see myself listening to this one a lot. My favorite part of this record is how authentic to the 82′ style it is. I could figure this record for being outtakes from Flex Your Head or an unreleased Touch & Go record. The cover also looks like an early hardcore record. Check them out at the No Way Records website.