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Splitting Headache-Night Terrors

Splitting Headache Night Terrors LP Collapse Records A bunch of friends in this band, so I might be a tad partisan in this review (although that’s never stopped me from shredding records before), but this is one of the better records of the second half of the past decade. Former members of Tear It Up, Full Speed Ahead, and others continue to mature that style, blending it with Damaged era Black Flag to make a highly enjoyable album. I am pretty sure a few members of Splitting Headache live in different parts of the country, so catch them if you…
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Splitting Headache

Splitting Headache S/T EP Collapse Records Splitting Headache are a great new band from the shore featuring members of Tear It Up and Full Speed Ahead. If you like those bands, you will love Splitting Headache as this is a continuation of what was previously established in those bands. I especially dig the multiple lifted Suicidal Tendencies riffs in School Of Life Drop Out. Once these guys have another record out I think people are really going to take note because having heard some newer material I have to say it is an even stronger statement than this record. I…
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Soul Swallower-Self Titled

Soul Swallower S/T EP Collapse Records Holy shit! Over the summer I kept hearing about a project members of, amongst others, Mind Eraser had going called Soul Swallower. A friend who saw them live described them as “Mind Eraser, only better.” With these very high expectations I knew I had to hear this. Thankfully our friend Bob Shedd put this out on Collapse. Soul Swallower are similar to Mind Eraser but have a bit more of an influence from bands like Integrity, Citizens Arrest, and No Comment. To the layman, I’m sure both bands will sound similar, but there is…
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Robot Whales-Vehicle

Robot Whales Vehicle LP Collapse Records Last year’s sleeper hit on the Revelation compilation returns with a new LP filled with mid 90’s style hardcore. Like I said last year, these guys sound like a breath of fresh air right now. If you like stuff like Quicksand, Lincoln, Burn, Helmet, and bands like that you will love this. Bonus points for covering Electric Funeral live. I’ve been spinning this one a lot lately. Check this and the other great records on Collapse Records out. Members of this band were also recently in Get Real.

Little Rascals-Wig Out @ Asa’s

Little Rascals Wig Out At Asa’s 7” Collapse Records After being blown away by these guys twice live this summer, I had to check out their record. The shore’s own Bob Shedd put this one out so you know it will be good. The Little Rascals play NYHC style with heavy mosh parts. Did I mention how heavy the mosh parts are? I am not really much of a mosher anymore but both times I saw these guys I had to hit the dance floor. This is one of the best records to come out of the shore in a…
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