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Breakdown-Striking Distance-Friendly Fire @ Brick NJ 7-27-01

Local news: Manahawkin’s own Friendly Fire played this show. They came back and played two I think?) shows with a few new members. They went over okay and covered War Zone and Inside Out. Striking Distance played the shore a lot in 00/01, so I don’t remember much specifically about them at this show. Breakdown played a great set as usual. I went flying over a table at one point that people were diving off of too. There was a fight in the parking lot afterwards that got the cops called. I helped break it up and then went inside…
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OS 101

We did this in December of 1996… Ian: Our ex drummer interview Faith No More for Sassy Magazine, kid from Friendly Fire…that’s a little history on me. BW: Oh, wow. Ian: I came from The Cause to Friendly Fire to Baxter to Hogan’s Heroes BW: With Jay Fisher Ian: …and being friends with Brian Strahle and all the crew from down there and having seen Hogan’s Heroes a million times, he decided to ask me when they needed a bass player. Skip: Johnny moved from bass to guitar BW: Well the record is coming out in February, but we already…
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By The Grace Of God-CR-Deadguy-Transmeggettti @ Manville Elks Lodge Manville NJ 1-18-97

The first thing I remember about this show was that it was FREEZING outside. A snow storm had come in a few days before the temperature dove down with it. Sitting in the back of a friend’s truck with no heat was a pretty brutal experience. What pissed me off though was he just called us a bunch of wimps. The same dude who fucking cried and made us listen to weak shit like Lifetime whenever a girl breathed near him. TransMegetti were a local emo band that one of the Tesi Brothers and Brian Strahele (also ex Hogans Heroes)…
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