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Tragedy @ First Unitarian Church In Philadelphia PA 8-13-04

John and I weren’t at this show for very long. We only wanted to see Tragedy and we bailed right after they finished. I do not remember any of the other bands that played except for World Inferno Friendship Society and maybe Witch Hunt. I do remember I met Al Quint from Suburban Voice Fanzine for the first time in person at this show. I had known him for years from the internet, but it was nice to hang out with him for a bit before Tragedy played. Tragedy were awesome and played a good mix of their albums. They…
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Signifying Nothing 03×05

I think, at this point, the podcast is going to be canceled, or, at least, released in a different form than weekly (I’m thinking maybe a longer, monthly, show? Man, I can’t imagine how Al does two hours a week!). Since the show came back for the fall, listenership has been sporadic. This will leave the written portion of Signifying Nothing as the main focus. I have a large backlog of reviews to post, plus some other features I’d like to implement. Let’s see what happens as we experiment with this new format. Hopefully, people care enough to check it…
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My friend Carson and I did this interview in the parking lot of the Casino Skate Park in 1999. The It’s In Our Power record had just came on and 97a played a great show with Full Speed Ahead. I really dove into the 97a vault to ask questions about demo songs and a lot of stuff they had not been playing in a bunch of years. Originally in Parade Brigade #1 *** Bill-I guess first off who is in 97a and all? Chris-Chris, vocals Clint-Clint, Bass Todd-Todd, Guitar Chris-Rob’s not here but he’s our drummer now *** Bill-You guys…
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