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Ink and Dagger-You and I-Try Fail Try-Purpose @ Asbury Park NJ 8-16-98

This was the second day of a two day fest in Asbury Park. We went back up to this show after I had gone for a bit the day before. I do not have remember any of these bands playing besides Ink & Dagger. A lot of my friends thought it was funny to go off for them like they were Breakdown. It got old after awhile, but it was pretty amusing at the time. I swear I took pictures at this show because we were going to interview Sean (which never happened…more on that in a future post), but…
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Ensign-Rain On The Parade-Degenerics-Worthless-Reach The Sky-Purpose-Tears Of Frustration @ Manville NJ 9-20-98

This was yet another one of those shows where I worked all day and then raced to the show…I got there an hour late and it still had not even started! Tears Of Frustration got added to this show and opened it. I remember they covered a YDL song and the crowd was pretty awkward about it. The Degenerics, after a few seven inches, were starting to get really hot around this time. People were into them and they would always bust out a couple Bad Brains covers. No specific memories of Purpose, Worthless (another band that played a lot…
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Ensign-Fastbreak-Rain On The Parade-Purpose-Fit For Abuse @ Manville NJ 6-13-98

This show was mostly an average 1998 NJHC show except for the opener…who absolutely blew our minds… After a long day at work some friends met up with me at my house. I took a quick shower and we got on the road to Manville, which was like 80 minutes away or so. The night before I had a conversation with a friend who said to make we got to the show on time because the opener was incredible. Fit For Abuse absolutely blew our minds. Not too many bands were more influenced by the 82 style, yet, at the…
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Purpose @ Lakewood NJ Spring 1999

I am pretty sure four or five bands played this show, but I have no memories of them. This may have been the first show Purpose had their Alpha and Omega record available for, I think, because I remember getting a red one from them. One of the members of the band added a hand written note to my insert, which was nice. That is all I have for this one.

Ensign-9 Lives-Kill Your Idols-Step Ahead-Public Urination-Rise Above-A Moments Peace @ Asbury Park, NJ 1-29-99

I do not remember a ton from this show, but the big thing I remember is interviewing Kill Your Idols in the bathroom of Casino Skate Park. That was the only quiet place we could find unfortunately. It stunk in there and we did a quick interview to get out of the place. I never printed the interview despite Parade Brigade Fanzine beginning right after this. I also did a Purpose interview right around this time that never got printed. Actually, I think that might have been at Casino Skate Park too maybe? I do not know why we never…
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Ignite-Rain On The Parade-Shutdown-Purpose-No Contest In Yardley PA 1-4-98

My first show of 1998 took me to Yardley again, which had been the site of an infamous show a few weeks before. I don’t remember much about Purpose. No Contest opened with the intro from Age Of Quarrel (the song), which was pretty cool. Ignite were really late to this show. Shutdown played a long set where they busted out a ton of covers. Rain On The Parade hopped on and played a quick set too. I used to love it when this happened. Finally Ignite got there and pretty much got up on stage and began playing. They…
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Vision-Rain On The Parade-OS 101-All Things Considered-Black Turns Green at Melody Bar in New Brunswick, NJ 11-2-97

We went up to this show with OS 101 in their van I think along with Jenn West and a few other people. They got a decent reaction, which was always pretty hit or miss for them. I don’t remember anything from Rain On The Parade’s set. Black Turns Green had future members of Purpose. All Things Considered had members of Uprise and a few other MCYC bands. They did a demo…this might have been their last show? Vision were good and definitely played You and I!!

War Zone-Uprise-No Contest-Purpose @ Manville Elks Lodge in Manville, NJ 6-30-97

I don’t think there was a flyer for this show? I think one or two other bands might have played this show, but I don’t remember who else they were. This might have been the first time I saw Purpose and I remember they covered Inside Out and Embrace, which seemed so out of left field in comparison to the youth crew style that was so popular at the time. I think a lot of people checked out Purpose, at first at least, not only because they were a decent band, but because their style was so different from what…
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