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Spazz-Canephora-Full Speed Ahead-Hail Mary at Bates Lodge in Red Bank NJ June 1997

After discovering Infest during the winter of 1996/1997, some of us checked out a lot of faster bands. This lead us deep into the power violence scene, which had some crossover with the more youth crew scene we were accustomed to (97a is a good example of this) checking out. We made our way towards the classics like No Comment and Crossed Out and also gravitated near bands like Rorschach, Capitalist Causalities, Acme, and others. This led to modern bands like Charles Bronson, MK Ultra, and, of course, Spazz. Oddly, there was little internet hype for this tour. I actually…
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Public Safety

V/A Public Safety Compilation Maximum Rock N Roll Records For a substantial period of time this record has been hyped to death. At one point there seemed to be some mystery about who exactly was even going to be on the compilation. The long wait wasn’t really worth it for me. This isn’t a bad compilation necessarily; there are some great bands like Direct Control, Nightmare, and Signal Lost. Most of the bands don’t really seem to bring their A-Game however. Beyond that, even the bands I don’t enjoy are so unpleasant that I find myself jumping around. The best…
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This interview was originally in Maximum Rock N Roll #100. This would have been reprinted in issue #2 of Not Normal Fanzine Interview May 10, 1991.  Present were Nick (Guitar), Keith (guitar), Charles (vocals), seminal guitarist Jon Hiltz, and Wardance label magnate Fred Alva.  Interview by Sam Mcpheeters.  MRR: There seems to be a big discrepancy between the earlier material you all recorded for several comps-Evacuate’s Look At All The Children Now, and Irate’s Forever 7”-and the sound that you got on the album.  It sounds like two different bands… Charles: The person we recorded the earliest stuff with, Don…
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Youth Of Today

I included this interview on the backside of Not Normal Fanzine. I cannot remember what about this one particularly stuck out for me to have reprinted it, but here it is. At the time, Not Normal was going to have a reprint (some of which will end up on here, including Rorschach, Bl’ast!, Raw Power, and more) but a 2nd issue never came out… *** Bessie Oakley did this interview with Ray and Porcell for Maximum Rock + Roll Wake up and live, breath every breath Wake up and live, until my death… “’Wake Up and Live’ is about living…
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